15 декабря 2017г


WHOLE WORLD WITNESSED on December 14, 2017 how brutally suppressed good will of Karakalpak citizens to celebrate December 14, Independence Day of Karakalpakstan. Uzbekistan Government showed his military mights against unarmed civilians. We all saw that we still have a dictatorship and human rights abuse, there is no democracy and there is no any kind of freedom in Uzbekistan. Atrocities of Uzbek Government and torches of political activists and citizens in Karakalpakstan are still part of day by day life. Uzbekistan Government wants to destroy and bring to not existence Declaration Of Independence of Karakalpakstan from December 14, 1990.  We are asking all Karakalpak citizens take a stand and vote for INDEPENDENCE OF KARAKALPAKSTAN. Send us your vote with your name, data birth and address to our email, post it in our website www.algakarakalpakstan.com or send us WhatsApp +4792167267 message.  

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