Atrocities of Uzbekistan

We would like to show here the scale of atrocities and brutality of the policy of Uzbekistan Government used against Karakalpak citizens. Government of Uzbekistan with his president Mr.Mirziyoyev never was and won’t be standing for democracy and human rights protection. They continue to create fruitful ground for extremist group and threten stability worldwide.

Here what Uzbek Government have been doing in Karakalpakstan:

1. Uzbekistan Government fourthly took our 5 counties since Karakalpakstan became Autonomous part of Uzbekistan in 1950th. These lands are richest part of Uzbekistan with natural resources, with biggest gold mine, uranium and other precious metals. In 2005 Uzbek Government passed to Turkmenistan our Aibuiur region area in exchange to land in other territory of Uzbekistan.

2. Uzbek Government is spreading infectious diseases. More than 3000 people deceased this year only from rabies. We have epidemic of Hepatitis and tuberculosis because of unsanitary of public places and food markets. The renovation of Nukus City the capital of Karakalpakstan made without building swage and necessary infrastructure systems. Now the city vulnerable for any kind of epidemic.

3. Karakalpak people is very peaceful and not violent and we never have had military presence until 1990th. We had only 24 personnel of national security, central bank guard had cucumber instead of gun, that how it was peaceful. These days we have 1500 personnel of SNB – national security of Uzbekistan, 2 military division with about 10,000 personnel, 2 units of special forces and antiterrorist battalion totaling 15,000 military personnel. We also have in neighbor region Horezm about 10 000 military forces ready to jump in against Karakalpak civilians like they did on December 14 this year to prevent Celebration of Independence Day of Karakalpakstan.

4. Uzbekistan Government doesn’t allow to study History of Karakalpakstan at school, collages and Universities. They dismantled all our printing houses and we can’t print Karakalpak books, magazines or newspapers.

5. We don’t have freedom of speech, Karakalpak parties, free elections. After elections SNB national security agents replacing ballot boxes with already prepared ones. Uzbek Government already setting up outcome of any election.

6. Political activists and lieders can be easily prosecuted with criminal charge. More than 20,000 political activists prosecuted with fabricated financial misconduct. Among them exchanging 20$ foreign currency, spending extra 5$ for hotel room and so on and so forth.

7. We have 95% jobless in Urban area and 75% jobless nationwide in Karakalpakstan. Uzbek Government doesn’t allow to do anything to change the situation. All existing businesses have to bribe Governor, prosecutor, IRS or SNB national security officer to run business and get permits. Desperation and hopelessness among young people forth them to commit suicide and statistic is shocking more than 1600.

8. All Government, Judges, prosecutors, military officers and soldiers, national bank directors and national agency directors in Karakalpakstan are Uzbek nationalities appointed by Uzbek Government and even not residents of Karakalpakstan.

9. Bank loans available to Uzbek nationals rather than Karakalpak. Recently president Mirziyoyev provided loans to buy 100 chickens from his friend’s chicken farm. Those chickens couldn’t survive outside of farm without vaccination and special clean condition and now about 17,000 household payback loan with 24% interest and no chickens.

10. Government of Uzbekistan cut the gas pipelines and left without any source of heat more than hundred thousand households freezing them to death in minus 40F (-40C) winter cold even we consume less than 1% of the gas we produce.

11. Uzbek Government sterilized our women without consent killing our unborn child and birth rate fell 5 times from 110,000 kids to 23,000 kids per year. Without vaccination and ton of infectious disease we have highest infant mortality. We have lowest life expectancy 20 years less than in the rest of Uzbekistan. Our hospitals don’t have a drugs and anesthetics. Normal practice for doctors to ask patients to buy drugs and if they can’t do it at that moment they can provide operation without anesthetics. We have a lot of cases of pain shock deaths.

12. We have optical fiber network but we don’t have internet access. Uzbek Government restricted access to internet. They are tapping all phones. Illegal search of homes, checking the phone private messages, strip search is normal practice in Karakalpakstan.

13. Arrest and holding without access of attorney, imprisonment for life for political activity, beating up and torcher during interrogation is reality of today’s Karakalpakstan life. Illigal property sizing is favorite way to make wealth for SNB national security agents.

14. All revenue in foreign currency of Karakalpakstan goes straight to Uzbek Government. Estimated Revenue is more than 10 billion USD. Karakalpakstan’s expenditure is about 180 million USD a year. Turkmenistan for transit of one gas pipeline on the territory of Karakalpakstan pays more than 200 million USD which is more than enough to cover whole country’s expenditure. We have 2 pipelines of Turkmenistan, Russian and Chineese pipelines. Extinction of Karakalpak population is all about money. Uzbek Government makes a fortune and they decided to wipe us out to make more. Our natural gas reserve estimate is about 1.7-3 trillion USD with today’s gas price. We produce this year about 10 billion USD natural gas and whole Karakalpak population consumes less than 1% of it. Even though Uzbek Government cut the gas supply in all urban area in the middle of cold winter without any source of heat.

This list of unhuman policy of Uzbek Government against Karakalpakstan is 3 decades long.

As You can see Uzbek Government and his president Mr.Mirziyoyev ruthless, greedy, without principals and have no morals. For them human life has no values at all. The day before Independence Day on December 13 they published on pro-Government website support of our Independence Day and the next day they took it down. Mr Mirziyoyev said Karakalpakstan deserved more freedom and jailed all activists fighting for Independence. And now they are getting beaten up in jail and getting 2-7 years sentence if they find WhatsApp message on the cellphone. On December 16, we received news that Mr.Mirziyoyev released jailed young supporters of Independence, relatives of those guys confirmed that they are still in jail. Endless lie.

Mr.Mirziyoyev declare that Karakalpakstan has full Independence and freedom. But reality totally opposite. He is backing up his military presence in Karakalpakstan to protect Uzbek nationals in Karakalpakstan but in reality, majority of Uzbek nationals support our movement rather than his murderous policy and we already have huge number of Uzbek nationals voting for independence of Karakalpakstan, because they know our hospitality, equality and total absence of discrimination of any kind in our nature.

Uzbek Government systematically migrates Uzbek nationals from other regions by creating priority access to social security and benefits and infiltrate them with nationalists and assassins as they did it with migrants’ in European countries and blew them up with terrorist actions. We all saw outcome as a Brexit, split in Eurozone, impact in Euro elections.

Now our nation is on the verge of being extinct. We want to receive recognition as a state and become a member of UN to preserve us as a nation. We can rebuild our country provide full support to free market, to small businesses and we bring new healthcare system and change whole education system. We will create open country with real freedom, independence and democracy. Human rights is our highest priority and we will protect each and every person. We are able to create jobs enough to employ everybody by bringing new technologies, renewables, modern farms and water cleaning technologies. We will be happy nation again we used to be.

We believe that we can succeed because we have huge support and love of our supporters.

Citizens of Karakalpakstan, Joined members of all political groups and movements fighting for independence of Karakalapakstan

Olga Karakalpakstan the movement for Independence of Republic of Karakalpakstan

Aman Sagidullaev

December 21, 2017