Application of Karakalpakstan for participation in urgent session of CIS

Dear Vladimir Putin,

Dear Nursultan Nazarvaev,

Dear Sooronbai Jeenbekov,

Dear Gurbanguli Berdymuhamedov,

Dear Emomali Rahmon,

Dear Ilham Alievich,

Dear Aleksandr Grigorevich,

Dear Igor Nikolaevich,

Dear Petr Alekseevich

Dear Serj Azatovich,

Dear Georgiy Taimuratovich,

Dear Dalia Gribauskaite,

Dear Reimond Veionis,

Dear Kersti Kalulaid,

Dear Shavkat Miramonovich

On behalf of the long-suffering people of Karakalpakstan, we are forced to turn to all heads of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS - СНГ). We are asking to grant permission to our representatives of movements for Independence of Karakalpakstan to participate in urgent session of CIS countries for discussions on ending the occupation policy of Uzbekistan Government and his president Mr.Mirziyoyev toward Karakalpak Republic. Please ensure the safety of our representatives during session on December 26, 2017. The reason for this request was systematic extermination and Genocide of Karakalpak citizens by Government of Uzbekistan during last three decades and the question of the creation of Statehood of Republic of Karakalpakstan is the only solution to the this political crisis.

We are not terrorists, we are not religiose extremists, we don't belong to any anticocial groups and we are not nationalists. The Government of Uzbekistan with the dictator Karimov take advantage of Aral’s ecological crisis and national disaster and by deception and repression, he imposed a dictatorial regime in our region. We have fascism 28 years, since 1990 even the peoples of the world defeated fascism in 1945. Each and every family in Karakalpakstan affected were subjected to repressions of scumbags of National Security Agency (SNB or СНБ) of Uzbekistan. Even all family members of Musa Erniyazov the current head of state of Karakalpakstan had the opportunity to smell the SNB cellars. Citizens of Karakalpakstan are not protected from lawless Uzbek government actions and they can be arrested, interrogated and torched anytime for no reason. We are witnessing growing aggression with the new president of Uzbekistan Mr.Mirziyoyev and his scale up the persecution of each supporter for independence on the territory of Kazakhstan, Kirgizstan, Turkmenistan and Russia.

Karakalpak citizens flee from repression and they are in refugee camp in Kirgizstan. All supporters for Independence are trying to reach the governments of CIS more than 20 years. The Government of Uzbekistan consistently exterminating our citizens with silent blessing of CIS countries. The last events on the eve of Independence Day on December 14, 2017 show excess use of force against unarmed civilians by Uzbek Government and their readiness to shoot to death civilians. We all saw escalation of tension in the region.

We are forced to notify UN and all counties asking for help and protection. All leaders and supporters for Independence came to conclusion that the only way out from this political crisis and growing tension is recognition of Independent Karakalpakstan as a state and protection and support by UN countries. Recognition of our declaration of Independence of Karakalpakstan legislated with the parliament of Karakalpakstan as a state on 14 December, 1990 is a legal and peaceful solution to prevent bloodshed of civilians and prevention of escalation of tension not in Central Asian region but in the rest of the world.

We are ready for dialog and ready to use platform of CIS and EAEC to resolve political crisis in Karakalpakstan and to find peaceful solution with presence of Government of Kazakhstan and Kirgistan.

Citizens of Karakalpakstan, Joined members of all political groups and movements fighting for independence of Karakalapakstan

Leader of Olga Karakalpakstan the movement for Independent Karakalpakstan Republic

Amanbay Sagidullaev

December 22, 2017