Happy New Year 2018

As a new year of 2018 is approaching we find ourselves reflecting on the past year and those who helped to shape our movement for Independence of Karakalpakstan and brought us closer to it. We want to thank all leaders of free world who took a time to listen us, who gave us a hope, who show us support, who encouraged us.

We appreciate all leaders of free world for everything you have done for us for our country and let the New Year fill your life with happiness and peace, we wish your life to be always bright.

New Year is always hopeful time especially for people of Karakalpakstan. 2017 was very difficult to all of us we rose expectations with the new president of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev, who promised better life, democratic changes but all our hopes fall short. But now we see that we can stop endless lie of Uzbekistan’s Government and they can’t make us a fool anymore. Each of us has a courage and determination to rise up and fight back ruthless Uzbekistan dictatorship.

We want to thank all voters who want to see our Karakalpakstan being free and Independent more than ever, who trusted us. We see now that more than 90% of citizens of Karakalpakstan want Independence from Uzbekistan. Our poll show, that 99% want to vote yes to Indeependence of Karakalpakstan in Muinak, Kungrad, Bozatau, Kanlikul, Tahtakupir, Karausek, Hodjelii, Tahiatash, Chimbai, Nukus Beruni, Mangit, Turtkul and 90% in Ellikkala. We thank all our citizens of Karakalpakstan for support and wish them bright future, prosperity and Independence.

We want to ask all leaders of free world to support Independence of Karakalpakstan declared on December 14, 1990 and recognize Republic of Karakalpakstan as a state. Your recognition of Republic of Karakalpakstan as an Independent state warms up hearts of all our citizens in these cold winter left freezing to death by Government of Uzbekistan.

Citizens of Karakalpakstan, Joined members of all political groups and movements fighting for independence of Karakalapakstan

Leader of Olga Karakalpakstan the movement for Independence of Karakalpakstan Republic

Aman Sagidullaev



December 30, 2017