Appeal to all leaders and Governments of Free Countries to Liberate Karakalpakstan

This letter was sent to Leaders and Governments of all Countries and we are posting it in our website just in case if our emails get lost or not delivered to recipients.

To Leaders and Governments of Free Countries

Dear Sir and Madam,

We are writing to you on behalf of people of Karakalpakstan. Government of Uzbekistan high jacked Sovereign Republic of Karakalpakstan and enslaved and exterminating their population these days. All our Karakalpak political activists jailed, women sterilized, the population in extreme poverty, Uzbekistan government dissolving Karakalpak and providing occupational policy in Karakalpakstan since 1990.

The list of political activists in jail these days 1. Shamshetov Bahtiyar - 1975, 2.Saekeev Abat - 1980, Muhambetov Dauletbai - 1959, 4.Toremuratov Koshkarbai – 1967, 5.Kaniyazov Kuanishbai – 1989, 6.Berdaxov Ajiniyaz – 1994 and thousands more activists jailed and convicted on trumped-up charges. We are asking Government of Uzbekistan to release them immediately.

In 2013 agreement of Karakalpakstan to be a part of Uzbekistan expired and we are looking for support to become as an independent state to save our people and preserve us as a nation. We don’t have anything against Government of Uzbekistan. We are not extremist, nationalist or terrorists. We are not organizing public gathering, meetings or boycotts. But we are forced to demand from Government of Uzbekistan to withdraw Military, National Security Agency and Organizations of Uzbekistan from territory of Karakalpakstan. We are demanding to release all Karakalpak political activists from jails of Uzbekistan. We want Government of Uzbekistan stop to intervene to internal affair of Karakalpakstan. We want freedom of speech, freedom of choice, freedom of the party and free election.

Karakalpakstan was part of Russian Empire from 1873 until 1925. From 1925 to 1936 it became an Autonomous Region of Kazakhstan, until 1990 Karakalpakstan was an Autonomous Republic of USSR and in 1990 Government of Karakalpakstan declare Independence. In 1992 the Governemnt of Uzbekistan takes advantage of Aral Ecological Catastrophe and National disaster of Karakalpakstan and forced to sign an Agreement and become a Republic of Karakalpakstan in Uzbekistan. Since then Uzbekistan Government destroys political parties and leaders of Karakalpakstan. All political activists jailed and in prisons of Uzbekistan, birth rates fell from 104,000 to 15,000 children a year because of forced sterilizations of Karakalpak women. We are turning to the leaders and Governments of Free Countries asking for help, protection and support.

We are asking You as a leader of Free Country to help and liberate people of Karakalpakstan, provide economic, political, intelligent and military assistance of Statehood of Karakalpakstan and recognize Karakalpakstan as an Independent State. We are ready for broad integration, collaboration and cooperation with leaders and Governments.

Citizens of Karakalpakstan, joined members of all political groups and movements fighting for independence of Karakalpakstan.

The leader of Alga Karakalpakstan movement for Independence of Republic of Karakalpakstan

Amanbay Sagidullaev

January 6, 2018