President Mirziyoyev wants everybody to die in Karakalpakstan

Good day. Let’s talk about Karakalpakstan.
 Karakalpakstan is sovereign independent country declared independence on December 14, 1990. 
What is President of Uzbekistan doing in Karakalpakstan?
 Why there is no freedom of speech, no freedom of choice, no freedom of the party, no electricity, no gas, no clean water in Karakalpakstan.
 Why Prezident Mirziyoyev appointing in Karakalpakstan its president and all Government members.
 Why Mr Mirziyoyev keeping more than 15,000 military staff in Karakalpakstan instead of 16 like in 1990th 
Why Mr.Mirziyoyev cut the gas pipelines and left without any source of heat more than hundreds of thousand families freezing them to death in winter cold. Karakalpakstan consumes less than 1% of the natural gas they produce.
Why 95% jobless in Urban areas.
 Well the answer is very simple. Money and Money. Mr.Mirziyoyev wants natural resources of Karakalpakstan which made over 5billlion USD last year with the budget only 200million USD. Oh yeah, he will deny, but he wants you all to die.
 It’s time to rise up and fight for freedom. Alga Karakalpakstan which mean Go forward Karakalpakstan for freedom and Independence.


President Mirziyoerv constantly breaching Constitution of Uzbekistan. Here only some of them:

Article 71

Sovereignty of Karakalpakstan protected by Uzbekistan

President Mirziyoyev is breaching Article 71 all the time. Even celebration of Independence Day of Karakalpakstan on 14 December 2017 brutally suppressed and all young supporters jailed without access of attorney and family members

Article 73

Territory and border of Karakalpakstan cannot be changed without approval of Parliament of Karakalpakstan. Republic of Karakalpakstan independently solves the questions of its administrative-territorial structure.

Mr Mirziyoyev is breaching Article 73 and doesn’t allow Republic of Karakalpakstan independently solves the questions of its administrative-territorial structure. Government of Uzbekistan allocated territory of Karakalpakstan and passed it to the other country without approval of parliament of Karakalpakstan.

Article 74

Republic of Karakalpakstan has the rights to become an Independent Country.

Mr.Mirziyoyev is breaching Article 74, he is providing occupational policy on the territory of Karakalpakstan, he is using excessive military power against civilians of Karakalpakstan and he is jailing everybody who is expressing freedom and independence of Karakalpakstan. All political activist are prisoned.

Article 75

Relationtiop between Uzbekistan and Karakalpakstan based on mutual agreement and on contracts. All disagreement and disputes between the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Republic of Karakalpakstan are resolved through conciliation procedures.

Mr Mirziyoyev is breaching Article 75 because all his decisions are mandatory and not allowed to dispute by Government of Karakalpakstan

We are asking United Nation to take an action to protect our constitutional rights and the rights of citizens of Karakalpakstan. We are asking United Nations to bring peace corps in Karakalpakstan to protect our civilians from brutal suppression by military of Uzbekistan

Aman Sagidullaev

January 10, 2018