Mirziyoyev expels Karakalpakstan folks from their land

In this video we are presenting videoprof of fascist policy of Government of Uzbekistan and his president Mr. Mirziyoyev. You can consider this is as an invasion. As you can see and hear from conversation of two local guys more than 400 Uzbek nationals came from Uzbekistan to Karakalpakstan by train and 12 bus full of Uzbek are taking them to farm Karakalpak land. Farmers from Uzbekistan came previous day were about 200.

Uzbek Government are taking land from local Karakalpak farmers roughly 2/3 of it and giving it to uzbek farmers. Authority deny farm land to any local Karakalpak if they ask it. Government of Uzbekistan providing shelter and food to farmers, credit fund and machinery.

With these actions president Mirziyoyev not only breaching Constitution of Uzbekistan article 72,73,74,75 but also pushing whole Karakalpakstan to civil protest and unrest. That civil protest and unrest Mr. Mirziyoyev going to use as a motive to use military force against unarmed civilians as they usually did it in the past with turk-meskhetians in 1989 and deported all of them, also massacre of civil meeting in 2005 killing thousands and thousands protesters.

As local stated that those migrants doesn't look like farmers but rather military personnel with easy to guess agenda. This latest policy of Mirziyoyev local called "Operation farmers" and everybody expecting large scale provocation, use of military, expel and deportation of Karakalpak folks from their land.

We are asking the United Nation to take an action and deploy peackeepers in Karakalpakstan to prevent large scale bloodshed and unrest.

Leader Alga Karakalpakstan

Amanbay Sagidullaev



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