Appeal to Government of Republic of Korea

Dear President Of People’s Republic Of Korea Moon Jae-in,

Dear President and CEO of Lotte Chemical Kim Gyo-hyun,

Dear President and CEO of Samsung C&T,

Dear Shareholders,

We are supporters and leaders of movements fighting for Independence of Karakalpakstan asking for help to protect Karakalpak nation from being extinct by Government of Uzbekistan. Sovereign Republic of Karakalpakstan declared his Independence on December 14, 1990, has own territory and free will for Independence of more than 90% of his population , according to the latest poll. Sovereign Republic of Karakalpakstan high jacked by Government of Uzbekistan and need your protection and support, because of multiple confirmed facts of Genocide of Karakalpak people like torchers, human right abuses, sterilization of Karakalpak women without consent, spreading infectious desease etc.

The reason we are writing to you, because we are receiving emails and messages from workers of your factory regarding countless facts of discrimination in your factories. The management of Uz-Kor-Gaz Chemicals in Karakalpakstan are accepting as an employee only Uzbek nationals, the school of Uz-Kor-Gaz Chemicals in Karakalpakstan is not accepting kids of non-Uzbek nationals etc. Also Uz-Kor-Gaz Chemicals in Karakalpakstan illegally operates on the land of Karakalpakstan, because all signed documents with the Government of Uzbekistan doesn’t have a legal power, because Karakalpakstan right now occupied by Government of Uzbekistan without permission of people of Karakalpakstan. We already sent your Government email before regarding these issues but we didn’t get back from them yet. Karakalpakstan occupied by Uzbekistan since 1990 the same way as Korea occupied by Imperial Japan during 1910-1945 and have had Japanese Imperial rule in Korea.

The second reason we are writing to you, because we know that Korean Government, Lotte Chemical, Samsung Electronics and all other Korean companies have a high ethical and moral standard. All Korean companies engaged in strategic cooperation with Uzbekistan blindsided by Government of Uzbekistan. Basically, Government of Uzbekistan stealing natural recourses of Karakalpakstan and invited Government of Republic of Korea for cooperation without legitimate consent of Elected Legitimate Government of Karakalpakstan. We are giving you heads up since all pro-independent supporters are working hard to liberate Karakalpakstan using International support, International legal institution and UN organization. Below we are presenting some complaints of peoples of Karakalpakstan.

President of Uzbekistan Mr.Mirziyoyev intensified military occupation of Karakalpakstan. He just moved his military cover up them as farmers to north border of Karakalpakstan to lock the borders and destroy our nation totally. We were wrong about president Mirziyoyev and he is not a dictator he is a fascist like a Hitler. We were informed that if we don’t stop our Independence and pro-democratic movement he will wipe out our nation. Mr. Mirziyoyev the same way as a Syrian Government intensified suppression of unarmed civilians of Karakalpakstan.

We need your help to preserve Karakalpakstan as a nation, protect our democracy and freedom. We want to liberate Karakalpakstan and bring cooperation with Republic of Korea to next level. After liberation, we want to join UN for protection of Independent Republic of Karakalpakstan and we can be a role model of democracy in Central Asia.

We are ready to answer to all questions you might have. We believe that the future of Karakalpakstan in democracy and independence and we can build it with your generous support for the future of humanity.

Citizens of Karakalpakstan, joined members of all political groups and movements fighting for independence of Karakalapakstan.

The leader of Alga Karakalpakstan movement for Independence of Republic of Karakalpakstan

Amanbay Sagidullaev

WhatsApp +4792167267

January 18, 2018

Complaints of Karakalpakstan's citizens

January 17,2018

каушик завота мектеп салнбеди тек озбеклер окыйды деп равошый адамлардын балларын мектепке амай бурынгы гоне мектепке жиберип атр, мектепте каракалпакtы еслететин ешнарсе жок, мектептин ишине кирсен бари мугалимлер озбекше сойлейди балар озбекше сойлейди, раюнага барсак мектеп раюнага карамайды деди, каушик завот мектепке айлык толейди екен каракалпак казах милетин амайды мектепке

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Uz-Kor-Gaz Chemicals build new school but only Uzbek national kids are accepted. Our factory workers' kids they are sending out to old school. We went to local school board but they said that the school belongs to factory and factory provide policy and wages of the teachers. Karakalpak and kazakh nationals are not accepted.

January 12, 2018

Аман ага салам калайсыз. Бизлер каушик завод (local name of Uz-Kor-Gaz Chemicals) жумиска алип атир деген ди еситип балар менен бардик. Барсак коп адам жыйналган екен, паспортларымысти жийнап алып арамистан тек еки озбек баланы шакырып алып аржагина киргизип жиберди, калганларга кайтаберин деди. Шыкканнан кейн даладагилар тек озбеклерди алып атыр халек болмайак койн кайта берин деди. Аман ага буган не ислеуге болады

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Hi Aman, how are you? We heard that Uz-Kor-Gaz Chemicals are hiring factory workers. We went there, the place already was crowded with applicants. They took our passports and only two Uzbek nationals were invited to go inside the factory. They gave back our passports and said the rest can go home no more hiring. When we came outside we were wondering how to get in and somebody said don't bother only Uzbek nationals getting hired. Aman, what we can do about this kind of discrimination?