Open Letter to Davos Elite from disappearing nation of Karakalpakstan

We are citizens of fast disappearing nation of Karakalpakstan under fascist policy of Government of Uzbekistan and his president Mr.Mirziyoyev. We would like to appeal to leading representatives of the world’s political, financial and cultural leaders meeting at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, to discuss how Government of Uzbekistan destroying small nation Sovereign Independent Republic of Karakalpakstan grasping for our natural resources on the foreign territory of Karakalpakstan using his military might against unarmed civilians.

Republic of Karakalpakstan declared independence on December 14, 1990 and more than 90% of his population willing to vote for Independence, but Government of Uzbekistan high jacked our Government and now we are on the verge of being extinct. The only way to preserve us as a nation is to become an Independent State under your and UN protection. We are small nation bullied by Government of Uzbekistan and we need your protection.

We want to bring to your attention unhuman policy of Government of Uzbekistan and his president Mr.Mirziyoyev toward Karakalpak population like forced sterilization of women and killing our unborn children, taking over of our lands, natural resources, jailing each and everybody who dare to criticize Uzbek policy, migrating Uzbek nationals from Uzbekistan to Karakalpakstan and expelling our citizens from their lands, deportation and discrimination of all kind against Karakalpakstan citizens, spreading infectious deceases, supplying untreated public water full of contaminants and bacteria and threatening to use bacteriological and chemical weapon of mass distraction against civilians for any movement toward Independence, skyrocketing jobless rate up to 90% in urban area.

As a peaceful independent movement of Karakalpakstan we need your support to liberate from Uzbekistan Government’s tyranny. Liberation and becoming an Independent State is the only way to protect and improve our lives, take care of our nation, create jobs using new technologies and renewables. We are on the middle of manmade disaster Aral Sea and Government of Uzbekistan didn’t do anything to improve the situation even though we have had dozens of projects to improve the situation. We want to create real democratic and free society and to serve to our people, improve ecology and environment. We desperately need your help, protection and support. We need for inspirational and meaningful global action and aligned messaging.

We believe that you can create effective global policies and mechanisms or coherent legislative measures according to national preferences, which will trigger liberation and protection of small country against bullying by bigger country. We are real example of how large country of Uzbekistan bully small country of Karakalpakstan last three decades and now we are disappearing on fast pace as a nation. We urge a strategic action agenda — supported by clear and consistent policies and robust monitoring, reporting and verification — that will create and develop effective way of protection of small nations, groups and populations. Delaying action is not an option — it will be fatal to our people and will damage permanently us as a nation. We would like to see this year of 2018 as a year of our liberation under your protection.


Aman Sagidulaev

Movement for Independence

Of Sovereign Republic of Karakalpakstan

Leader of Alga Karakalpakstan