Protest in butter factory in Chimbai city of Karakalpakstan met with brutal repression by Government

We are going back to 2010 when protest erupted at cotton butter factory in Chimbai city of Republic of Karakalpakstan. We are receiving many phone calls and messages from devastated families seeking for justice and asking for help. After 7 years most of protesters are still in prison, some of them torched to death, some of them perished without a trace and their families are still waiting for answers "what happened with their beloved ones?". Government of Uzbekistan have sent 30 of protesters to prison for up to 27 years, 500 protesters were detained, many of them were tortured or kept in condition close to torture. Family and friends of detenees threatened by national security agents (SNB) to keep silence and not to disclose horrendous acts of human rights abuse in Chimbai by Government of Uzbekistan. There is appear to be selective assassinations of protest leaders and community leaders who didn't participate at meeting at all. Head of National Security Agency (SNB) was General Naumov who commanded repression of protesters, well known scumbag executed in cold blood protesters of Andijan meeting in 2005. General Naumov considered everybody with different opinion and world view as a terrorist or extremist.

Chimbai cotton butter factory was built in 1949 and it had a strategic meaning for local community especially with drying out Aral see, water shortage and collapsing agricultural industry. The oil factory provided locals with jobs, produced oil and fodder for livestock. Three generations of locals worked in that factory and some of them had some type of ownership in form of share of common stocks or preferred stocks. When local authority received order from Tashkent (Uzbekistan) to dismantle the cotton butter factory and transfer it to Horezm (Uzbekistan) without any legal rights to do it the protest was erupted. General Naumov head of National Security came to quell protesters and he assure locals that nobody won't touch or dismantle the Chimbai cotton butter factory and he asked everybody to go home. He lied to all and when the protesters went home special forces and national security agents arrested protesters one by one from their homes. Protesters were taken at night while they were asleep. About 500 protesters arrested, torched, beaten and kept in condition compared to torture. All leaders of community were arrested too, even if they didn't participate in protests. SNB and law enforcement of Uzbekistan fabricated unprecedented numbers of criminal cases with allegations of economical misconduct and jail time of up to 27 years for protesters. It was a horrendous and biggest show of power and might of Government of Uzbekistan against people of Karakalpakstan, which devastated so many families and destroyed whole community of Chimbay. That cotton butter factory dismantled and moved later to Uzbekistan anyway.

We are asking Government of Uzbekistan and his president Mr.Mirziyoyev to release from prisons of Uzbekistan all prisoners of this case, all political activists and prisoners jailed with fabricated criminal cases. Government of Uzbekistan has no rights to prosecute citizens of sovereign Republic of Karakalpakstan.

Here is the list of some victims, aftermath of protest in Chimbai cotton butter factory:

1.Makset Ismetov's didn't participat in protest, didn't commit any crime, but he was a patriot of Karakalpakstan and a true leader of community in Chimbai city and he was charged with criminal charge for financial misconduct, with fabricated allegations with other protesters. He was torched to death in Tashkent's jail and on March 6, 2013 Makset Ismetov died while in custody. Makset's car Captiva black color was forcibly took by head of National Security Agency (Uzbekistan) and head of agency used to drive that car in Nukus city like his own car. He has no morals and shame to drive the car whose owner he torched and murdered.

2. Abdigani IDRISOV was born in 1965. He graduated from the Faculty of Mathematics of the Nukus State University and worked as a teacher. He didn't participated in protest but framed and arrested during repression in Chimbai. Drugs were suddenly "discovered" under the pillow in the house, where he was invited to visit. Idrisov was sentenced to 16 years of imprisonment. He was repeatedly tortured. He was released on the eve of his death on February 14, 2013, he died as a result of torture, without regaining consciousness.

3. Konyratbay ALLANIYAZOV was born in 1953, In March 2014 it was reported that a prisoner Konyratbay Allaniyazov died but his body was not given to his family

Convicted for up to 27 years:

4. Kamiljon Tnybekov - Тныбеков Камилжан Кошайович

5. Abdinaim Saitov - Саитов Абдинаим Уснатдинович

6. Kamal Izbashanov - Избасханов Камал Атаниязович

7. Ecen Mambetnazarov - Мамбетназаров Есен Бисенбаевич

8. Sabit Kenjebaev - Кенжебаев Сабит Шимбаевич

9. Bahtigalij Elmuratov - Елмуратов Бахтыгалий Баймуратович

10. Parahat Uzakov - Узаков Парахат Жумабаевич

11. Shynybai Bekimbetov - Бекимбетов Шыныбай Узакбаевич

12. Bahtiar Shamshetov - Шамшетов Бахтияр Нуратдинович

13. Kalbai Saparov - Сапаров Калбай Жолдасбаевич

14. Yklas Kenjebaev - Кенжебаев Ыклас Туркменбаевич

15. Murat Smetov - Мурат Иньятович Сметов

16. Dauletbai Mahambetov - Даулетбай Махамбетов



this list of victims will be continued and also more details you can find in our page "Victims"

Fascist and occupation policy against Karakalpak nation, torcher, human rights abuse, use of excessive military power against civilians, brutal repression of protests, freewill and demonstrations, Genocide against citizens of Republic of Karakalpakstan by Government of Uzbekistan still continue and rise these days. We can see the rise of new dictator president of Uzbekistan Mr. Mirziyoyev more brutal, more cruel than Mr.Karimov. Our nation on the verge of civil war. We wrote hundreds and hundreds of letters, to Mr.Mirziyoyev and Government of Uzbekistan asking to stop occupation policy of Independent Republic of Karakalpakstan, allow to use our constitutional rights to become an Independent State, stop torcher, stop repression, free political prisoners, asking for freedom of speech and choice, freedom of political parties but all affords are useless. We published thousands of evidences of abuse of power, torcher, murder, women sterilization and Genocide against of people of Karakalpakstan. There is no longer any possibility of agreement with the regime that has turned into a militia and is not able to reach political agreement with its opponents.

Aman Sagidullaev