Do not loan money to Uzbekistan. Uzbek authorities use it to empower dictatorship and crush other na

We sent this letter to International Finance Corporation and World Bank Group who engaged in private sector investment because we believe and we have plenty evidence that any given loan money to Uzbekistan are going to be used to support dictatorship, fascist policy and repressive regime of Uzbekistan. President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev only declared democratic improvement of Uzbekistan, but repression, torcher and jailing opposition only intensified. His occupation policy of Sovereign Republic of Karakalpakstan, human right abuse, continuing forced labor, expelling and deportation of kazakh, turkmen, kirgiz, tajik and other nationals taking Uzbekistan to civil war and unrest in fast pace. Shavkat Mirziyoyev didn't come up with real improvement program of society and local communities besides growing chicken, chilly paper, roots of licorice. He is gaining absolute power in Uzbekistan and we are witnessing growing brutal repressions of opposition. There is no longer any possibility of agreement with the regime that has turned into a militia and is not able to reach political agreement with its opponents. Uzbek Government officials will use your loan money for real estate purchase abroad, those real estate tax payments and support of their lavish life style. Your loan money will be laundered by well developed scheme and by corrupted fully controlled Government officials. We are asking World Bank Group and IFC to prevent from utilizing a private lending institution from lending money to Government of Uzbekistan to protect them from not only high risk investments but also to prevent from empowering dictator who is willing to spend this money for killing his own people.

We have offered to Uzbek authorities many real projects to fight poverty, create hundred thousands of jobs, to handle Aral sea disaster, to improve communities, to transportation infrastructure development and to develop energy security by investing in well known technologies, renewables and sustainable agriculture. But they don't want to accept them and they are refusing any kind of development, because they have a different agenda - expel population and receive access and full control of natural resources of Karakalpakstan.

We already wrote about multiple cases of job discrimination and inequality in access to bank loans where uzbek nationals have a privilege and priority access to low rate bank loans, benefits, Uzbek government support and free lands taken from farmers of Karakalpakstan. Government of Uzbekistan are using these fascist policy to expel locals from their lands and to maintain occupation policy in Republic of Karakalpakstan. Subsidizing and giving loan money to Government of Uzbekistan is also rising ethic questions to western private banks.

Growing number of cases of human right abuse, torcher and jailing innocent people with phony and fabricated criminal cases aim to reach political goal of Government of Uzbekistan must rise the question among private banks, lenders and investors in Uzbekistan. Systematic ceasing properties and assets of citizens of Karakalpakstan is the one of sources of revenue of corrupt Government. We published multiple cases of ceasing assets by Uzbek Government and lenders should realize that some payback loans come from it. Basically blood money of innocent people will be used to pay back loans borrowed by Uzbekistan Government.

Republic of Karakalpakstan declared independence on December 14, 1990 before all other Central Asian countries did. The sounds of recognition of our country as a sate are louder and louder and it will give us the legal status. We see brutal and merciless repression of all activities for Independence. Our people torched to death, prosecuted, jailed with phony, made up accusations every day. More than five hundred protesters of oil factory in Chimbai jailed in 2010, 30 of them received jail time for 15-27 years and leaders torched to death and family didn’t receive the body of loved one. City architect Azat Erekeshov torched during 4 months to death last year in 2017 and innocent Kuanish Kaniyazov torched during 2 months in 2017 in Uzbek jail. We just received information about husband and wife torched in January 2018 to admit the crime they didn’t do. 30 young supporters of Independence were captured, beaten and kept in condition compared to torture just before Independence Day of Karakalpakstan in December of 2017. We published thousands of evidences of abuse of power, torcher, murder, women sterilization and Genocide against of people of Karakalpakstan.

Our women forcibly sterilized and as the results birth rate fall 10 times from 109 thousand to 10 thousand born child a year. Government of Uzbekistan are killing our unborn children and Mr Mirziyoyev abusing reproductive rights of our women. Government of Uzbekistan providing public water untreated with full of contaminant and infectious diseases. Poisoning and assassination of our political activists and supporters of independence is daily of National Security Agency of Uzbekistan (SNB). We have about thousand personnel of SNB and about 30,000 agents and informants of National Security SNB of Uzbekistan in Karakalpakstan. Worth to mention that we had only 16 personnel in 1990th.

Our farmers and citizens are expelling from their lands these days and Government of Uzbekistan bringing Uzbek nationals from Uzbekistan and providing with assistance, free land, bank loans with low interest and machinery. That is unconstitutional policy of Uzbekistan and according article 72, 73, 74, 75 of Constitution Government of Uzbekistan obligated to protect territorial integrity of Independent Republic of Karakalpakstan and comply with Constitutional rights of people of Republic of Karakalpakstan.

We have work discrimination and fascist policy of Government of Uzbekistan setted up in Karakalpakstan last three decades. Uzbek nationals can receive a job position preferably, then any other nationals. Bank loans, licenses for business activity, cars, farm lands, subsidized houses, mortgages and all other benefits for Uzbek nationals only.

Government of Uzbekistan ordered to all farmers of Karakalpakstan to grow chili pepper and roots of licorice this year. Basically, it means no crops and no groceries and it will bring to starvation next year. We already have sky-high prices for basic foods today in Karakalpakstan without food assistance for low income families to protect citizens from starvation. Basic food prices are higher than in Russia or Europe. Government of Uzbekistan freshly made big lake Aidar kol and managing a water supply to our region. Now they can cut water supply in our river Amy Daria and threatening to do so every time we have protest eruption against Government of Uzbekistan.

In all urban area natural gas supply pipelines cut in the middle of winter time this year leaving all households without any source of heat, freezing them to death. This was the policy of president of Uzbekistan Mr.Mirziyoyev forcing people to migrate to neighbor countries. Now they start deportation of all suspicious in political activity people of Karakalpakstan leaving them without hope and without future.

We don’t have our own political parties in our own country. No freedom of speech, no freedom of choice, no freedom of political parties. All printing houses closed and we don’t have our own newspapers or magazines. We don’t have free journalism and free media. Our people can watch only Uzbek TV propaganda and government lie broadcasted 24/7. Internet access restricted and very expensive and opposition's web sites banned. If somebody get caught with messages or with browsing history of opposition website like they face fine of 2000$ for the first time and jail time up to 7 years the second time one gets caught. Anybody can be stopped and checked personal messages on their cellphone. It’s occupation policy of Government of Uzbekistan. Now we have two-face president brutal and repressive for our people and pro-democratic for rest of the world.

Government of Uzbekistan forcibly took 5 counties of Karakalpakstan in 1949-1950 and Aibuiur area in 2005. Karakalpakstan have had more than half of territory of Uzbekistan before 1950. Gold reach area, uranium, gas reach area went to Uzbekistan. All revenue in foreign currency of Karakalpakstan goes straight to Uzbek Government. Estimated Revenue of Karakalpakstan is more than 10 billion USD. Karakalpakstan’s expenditure is about 180 million USD a year. Our natural gas reserve is estimated for about 1.7-3 trillion USD with today’s gas price. We produce last year 2017 about 10 billion USD worth natural gas and whole Karakalpak population consumes less than 1% of it. Utility price for natural gas use is about 700sum/m3 instead of 500sum/m3 like in Horezm region of Uzbekistan even they are using natural gas developed in Karakalpakstan. Discrimination is everywhere.

We have huge support from people in Karakalpakstan. We are not separatists, extremists or religious nation. On behalf of our people and all pro-independence leaders of Karakalpakstan we are asking for help to stop aggression of Government of Uzbekistan and do not loan money until Government of Uzbekistan frees Sovereign Republic of Karakalpakstan and let people of Karakalpakstan implement their constitutional rights. We want freedom of speech, parties, choice and release of all political activists from jails of Uzbekistan and provide democratic improvement. We need your help and support in recognition Republic of Karakalpakstan as a state, we need your support of democracy in Uzbekistan.

Please do not loan to Government of Uzbekistan. We are currently widely discussing stopping any funding dictatorship government of Uzbekistan with human rights protecting groups and human rights watch organization.

Aman Sagidullaev