Uzbek army terrorizing people and Mr.Mirziyoyev blessed it.

We are receiving disturbing news from people of Karakalpakstan. Every day wagons with closed windows bringing military personnel to Karakalpakstan. Well guarded 4 wagon full of soldiers came in Kungrad yesterday. Military base in Jaslik near Kungrad filling up with army of soldiers. New helicopter devision occupied airport of domestic flights In Turtkul city. Locals watching training and drills of special forces personnel near all cities of Karakalpakstan. After sunset they have being patrolling cities dressed up like civilians, beating up and terrorizing local population. Police doesn't take a police report from locals if they get hurt by military. This occupation policy of Uzbek Government against citizens of Karakalpakstan turning out into national disaster. Discrimination, keeping locals in humiliating condition without job, skyrocketing basic food prices, illegal home search and phone private message checking.

Here is the story of two guys Jumabai and Sarsen. Five armed Uzbek national military stopped them in train station in Kungrad and searched their luggages and phone messages. In browsing history of their phones they saw pro independence of Karakalpakstan websites and started to interrogate them in Uzbek language they didn't know. Then officer came and they took them in place like abandoned garage with agricultural machines, undressed them and asked about their connections with other pro independence activists of Karakalpakstan. Jumabay and Sarsen keep telling that they don't know anybody. They were beaten up and poured with cold water totally naked in cold winter whether. Then they took them in toilet and put their heads in shit hole. Officer said "eat shit fucking kolpoks" and when their heads were literally in shit with worms they started to cry. After couple hours of beating officer said Jumabai and Sarsen that they will spend rest of their lives in Jaslik prison if he see them again. Officer promised to fuck their asses if he tell anybody what happened with them and asked them to pass a warning to independent activists that there is only Uzbekistan and with these words he throw to the ground their cellphones, stepped and crushed them with his his boots. Jumabai said that he changed totally inside out that day and he never going to be the same again. Sarsen said that he knows uzbeks now and what to do with them. Local police said that they can't do nothing against military and they can't take their police report either that is the order from Tashkent.

These days Justice wasn't served in Karakalpakstan and our nation pays a huge price. If the nation kept in these inhuman conditions long enough there is no reason to wonder why and where the cruelty will come from. Its obvious that Mr. Mirziyoyev ordered his military, police, SNB security agents, prosecutors to terrorize peoples of Karakalpakstan from the fact that local police doesn't take complaints and police reports. These two victims said that its time to take justice in their hands.

Abbaz Dabylov