Uzbekistan, weird country with Government running by morons

Our apology to our fellow Uzbek friends and good people of Uzbekistan. The title nothing to do with Uzbek nationals and not intended to offend anybody but to describe endless moronic actions and decisions made by moronic Government and moronic presidents of Uzbekistan. This list of dumb decisions and endless lies of Uzbuk Government will be continued and we are inviting you to check it once a while for a new updates.

Government of Uzbekistan three decades fighting "bad" people and keep just taking away everyone's rights in Karakalpakstan. That is how they protect fascism, not liberty. If you give up your freedoms rights for imaginary security, then you get no freedom or security. History has proven this over and over, and yet people today don't even understand why the constitution was created. The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon made up cause, Government of Uzbekistan particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

Once my friend's father Boxtior aka told me that he wants to live long enough to see how will die president Karimov and how other Uzbeks will dance on his grave. Karimov is too damm not to see that folks hates him or he knows it and he is too damm to stay as a president regardless of it. And after that Boxtior aka told us a joke: Karimov and Gulnara on helicopter watching poor farmers collecting cotton and Gulnara asked his dad to give her money. Karimov asked her why she need a money. Gulnara replied I want to give it to those poor farmers and make them happy. Then Karimov offers her to jump out and make them all happy. We all laugh and it was three years ago. Now Boxtior aka, he is Uzbek by the way, wants to live long enough to see the end of Miirziyoyev's life. He said all these presidents are underdog and they are too cowards to do real things for their people and too greedy to make them free and happy.

Here moronic Government of Uzbekistan in Action:

1. "Uzbek Government is turning Karakalpak nation totally into slavery" message coming from teachers and government workers. They are forced them to collect scrap metal, otherwise they don't get paid. There is no scrap metals around and as an alternative they have to pay a 500sum (0.1$USD) per kilo for not collected scrap metal. Each teacher, doctor or worker have to collect from 20 to 50 kilogram of scrap metal or each worker have to pay about 2-5$ for scrap metal they didn't collect and this is three decades long practice. Most interesting part of it all collected money and scrap metal go to Uzbek Government controlled Begovat manufacture.

2. Another unconstitutional Uzbek government collection of money is forced subscribtion to magazine and journals on Uzbek language they can't read. 70% of population of Karakalpakstan can't read journals and magazines on Uzbek language but regardless all workers have to pay for subscription. Whole idea of forced subscription is idiotic but subscription to the magazine you can't read make me think that Uzbek Government are collection of bunch of stupid people.

3. Also all young men of Karakalpakstan not allowed to serve in Army but they have to pay to support other guy's Uzbek national serving in Army. Craziest case of forced money collection for Uzbek Army, about 500-1000$, from each fella of Karakalpakstan. Basically moronic Uzbek Government telling to people of Karakalpakstan "you can't serve in Army but you have to pay for my Uzbek Army occupation expenses of Karakalpakstan." This three decades practice not only moronic but also unconstitutional and illegal.

4. Latest news from Karakalpakstan: Government of Uzbekistan forcing households to switch from natural gas to electric heating. Its not only stupid decision of Mr.Mirziyoyev but its also criminal case when Government asking to burn Natural gas, create electricity and heat houses with less than 40% efficiency instead of heating houses with natural gas.

5. Most workers on Government budget are experiencing delay on work payment since last year December these days in Karakalpakstan. Government controlled Utility (gas, electricity) cutting service after 10 days of not payment and reconnection fee is about 230$USD when average wage of workers is about 100$. Uzbek Government doubled down here in stupidity. Mr. Mirziyoyev's Government don't pay on time to workers and charging workers late fee for it.

6. Mr. Mirziyoyev's chicken policy widely criticized and mocked by comedians. He provided loans to families and forced them to buy 100 chickens from chicken farm of his fella. This moronic action ended up killing all chickens without vaccination and clean environment and now families have chicken graveyard in their backyard and loans on their shoulders with empty pocked.

7. Forced labor cotton collection and weeding has a new form. These days you can skip forced labor at farm but you have to pay for it or you have to hire somebody who can work for you. Otherwise everybody knows what happens - you don't get paid or you will get fired. Only Uzbek moronic Government can come up with this.

8. Guess what happens if you work in organization and somebody coming from Tashkent to check or visit. Yeah, you have to pay for it. Even if Mr.Mirziyoyev visit Karakalpakstan you ending up paying for flowers, paints, fertilizer, hotel room even prostitutes for guests. Dumb visitors and dumber local authorities appointed by Uzbek Government.

9. Under human rights organization pressuring on slavery and child labor Uzbek Government come up with new advanced form of child labor. Now teachers asking students to sign request to take them to farm land and collect cotton and help weeding. In farm students have to provide themselves with foods, sleeping bags and proper closes. So basically students telling Government "hey I want to collect cotton, don't worry about my food and other staff I will pay for it. Thank you for letting me being your slave for 4 month in this fall and I will come back next spring". How idiotic sounds this student's request isn't it? And we all know what happens to students if they don't write this kind of stupid request.

10. Teacher's forced labor in farmland is pocket braking venture. Dictator Karimov was more generous than president Mirziyoyev. Last fall teachers, doctors and other workers paid for transportation, food, shelter and other basic expenses during cotton collection. Despite boycott of Uzbek cotton by more than 2000 traders Uzbek cotton end up in Global supply chain with different labels like "made in India". Same one billion USD sales of cotton and cotton products, same forced labor orchestrated by Uzbek Government but now teachers and doctors have to pay for their own labor. Good job Mr. Mirziyoyev you fooled everybody.

11. Government of Uzbekistan restricted internet access and less than 1% has some access to internet with blocked contents. Internet network is not developing, no incentives, no competition, strict regulation and when Mr. Mirziyoyev is declaring that he wants to develop Uzbekistan the question is how without developing internet. Its appear that he don't want to develop or he is so dumb that he don't know that its impossible without it. be continued

Usman Halknazarov