Letter to participants of Peace Summit On Afghanistan in Tashkent

Dear Antonio Guterres,

Dear Tadamichi Yamamoto,

Dear Federica Mogherini,

Dear Sergei Lavrov,

Dear leaders and representatives of UN countries participating in this conference

Uzbekistan don’t have a moral right to host Peace Summit on Afghanistan. Uzbekistan torched, murdered and actively participated in killing of Afghan people. Those Afghan people tortured and killed didn’t fight against Uzbekistan, they were captured on the territory of Afghanistan, most of them were civilians. People of Karakalpakstan witnessed these unhuman actions of Government of Uzbekistan in Jaslik prision of Uzbek Government set up in Karakalpakstan for Afghan and Karakalpak citizens and horrified by cruelty and atrocities of Uzbek Government boiling alive human beings there.

Another reason why Uzbekistan don’t have a moral right to host Peace Summit is hypocrisy of Uzbek Government who invaded Sovereign Republic of Karakalpakstan and providing Genocide, fascist and occupation policy against of people of Karakalpakstan especially intensified by President of Uzbekistan Mr.Mirziyoyev. Uzbek Government poisoned, assassinated and murdered all our leaders for Independence of Karakalpakstan. Uzbek Government just poisoned river Amy Daria the only source of drinking water of people of Karakalpakstan and systematically spreading infectious disease like tuberculosis by turning off the gas supply to all Urban area and leaving without any source of heat population of Karakalpakstan even we consume only 1% of the natural gas we produce in our land. Why Uzbek Government doing it, the answer is simple Uzbek Government exterminating and expeling people of Karakalpakstan to get access to our natural resources, 90% of natural resources produced belongs to Karakalpakstan. As the result of occupation and fascist policy of Uzbek Governement against Karakalpakstan who declared independence on 1990 and was Legitimate Free and Independent Country, we are fast moving to civil war. Civil war in Uzbekistan can break off anytime and it’s the result of reckless, invasive, fascist and occupation policy of Uzbek Government and his president Mr.Mirziyoyev, who is trying to make a peace talk on the bones of innocent torched and murdered people of Afghanistan and Karakalpakstan at the expense of people of Karakalpakstan.

Let’s do it right way. Peace talk and discussions should start from home, first and foremost Government of Uzbekistan as a host country of Peace Conference have to show how to make a peace at home. Government of Uzbekistan have to liberate hostage country of Karakalpakstan, acknowledge and accept Declaration of Independence of Karakalpakstan and Constitution of Uzbekistan article 71, 72, 73, 74, 75 and Constitution of Karakalpakstan article 1. We want to ask all participants of this Peace Talk to help people of Karakalpakstan bring peace at home Karakalpakstan stop imposed curfew, human rights abuse, occupation and fascist policy against people of Karakalpakstan, withdraw occupation military army, national security, police and organizations of Uzbekistan from Karakalpakstan. Release political activists of Karakalpakstan from prisons of Uzbekistan and stop forced sterilization of Karakalpak women killing unborn kids and birth rate from 110,000kids a year to 10,000kids a year, stop discrimination of people of Karakalpakstan. We want freedom of speech, freedom of Karakalpak parties, free elections, we want to develop democracy and democratic institution.

After successfully finishing Peace talk at home Uzbekistan-Karakalpakstan topic we can continue to discuss peace in Afghanistan with new grateful participant - Free Independent Sovereign Republic of Karakalpakstan. All participant of Peace Conference can accomplish huge task and bring peace to millions and millions of people of Karakalpakstan and Uzbekistan.

Our request to participate in this open conference was denied as expected by Uzbek authority and we are asking participants of this Peace Conference to bring these matter to attention and read this letter to discuss inhuman living condition of people of Karakalpakstan occupied by Government of Uzbekistan with imposed curfew by President of Uzbekistan Mr.Mirziyoev.

Aman Sagidullaev

Leader of Independent Karakalpakstan



WhatsApp: +4792167267

As we know today torture and killing Afghan people by Government of Uzbekistan were driven by promise to invest and provide new technology in economy of Uzbekistan. Blood for money as usual. Government of Uzbekistan still using torture against people of Karakalpakstan. Azat Erekeshov, Kuanishbai Kaniazov, Ajiniyaz Berdaxov and thousands others torched these days.