Prosecuted Mirziyoyev's Revenge

After going public some information about corruption of high ranked Uzbek Government officials including Shavkat Mirziyoev who received bribe for appointing Government officials and heads of Government organizations President Karimov ordered investigation and prosecution of S.Mirziyoyev and all other officials who was involved. Rashid Kadirov as a General Prosecutor of Uzbekistan lead the investigation team. Hundreds of officials and their family members were detained, interrogated and jailed at that time. The major question was did or did not Mr.Mirzyoyev was bribed, he was a Prime minister of Uzbekistan at that time. We all know in Uzbekistan that S.Mirziyoyev accessible to bribery, but some of officials denied bribing. At that time Mr.Mirzyoyev was close to fall victim of corruption and Rustam Innoyatov head of SNB Uzbekistan at that time spare Mirziyoyev's life. After coming to power Mr. Mirziyoyev took down Rashid Kadirov and all team members who was after Mirziyoyev and all traitors who witnessed against him during interrogation at that time.

Today Mr.Mirziyoyev's revenge is in full scale. R.Kadirov's 25 family members, friends and colleagues detained, in custody and under investigation, tortured and beaten during interrogation. Mr. R.Kadirov is a main murderer of people of Karakalpakstan and we are kind of not sorry for him and his family. We believe that the same way feel all other people of Uzbekistan. However as a civilized nation we are asking and demanding from Government of Uzbekistan and Mr.Mirziyoyev protect the rights of the suspects and the accused and treat them equally. The defendant's guilt should not be fanciful or conjured up to avoid delivering a verdict of guilty. We are asking to give them access to lawyers and media. Let them defend themselves in free from political pressure justice system in the Court.

Irony of the life. Mr. Kadirov prosecuted all political activists and leaders of Karakalpakstan under financial misconduct and abuse of power accusation. Now he is facing the same politically motivated prosecution for financial misconduct and abuse of power. Mr.Kadirov invented article 167 for political opponents and Kadirov fall victim of his invention the same happened with Stalin's executor Beria who invented Vrag Naroda accusation and fall victim of it. Worth to mention that Xakimbai Xalimov who was behind of all unlawful arrest, torture and prosecution in Karakalpakstan blessed by Mirziyoyev and promoted for testifying against of Mr.Kadirov despite bromance and warm relationship between colligues Kadirov and Xalimov.

Mr. Mirziyoyev need to promote law and civilized treatment of the suspect and the accused to make sure when the time will come Mr.Mirziyoyev and his family will be treated with dignity during arrest, interrogation and prosecution.