We are continuing to receive a disturbing news about poisoning water of river Amu Darya the only source of drinking water of people in Karakalpakstan. The first information was from Muinak region. Now we are receiving information multiple complains from capital city Nukus, 21 district, Turkul, Kungrad, Kara ozek, Tahtakopir and other areas. The messages coming from different area far from each other and it obvious that its large scale chemical and bacteriological attack people of Karakalpakstan by Government of Uzbekistan. Public water supply which controlled only by Government of Uzbekistan. Provided water to public contaminated, untreated, dark color and with strong with odors. Multiple cases of diarrhea, headache and vomiting are registered. People feel lighthead and fatigue after drinking boiled water. Government of Uzbekistan just changed all local doctors in Hospitals by Uzbek doctors and those appointed doctors are sending back home sick people with diagnose vitamin deficiency.

At the same time death rate rose around all region of Karakalpakstan and Government of Uzbekistan forcing people to arrange deseased funerals next day without gathering large numbers of guests even its against tradition. According to tradition of people of Karakalpakstan its mandatory to wait all relatives and friends for three days, the main reason is to morn diseased and share the circumstances of death means to find out why and how it happened. Autopcy, laboratory tests and establishing the reason of the death prohibited by Uzbek authority if the reason of the death is violence. Death in young age without reason, without establishing the reason is very common these days in Karakalpakstan. We received disturbing information from Bozatau region where people witnessing shrinking population and deaths at age between 20 and 40. Jobless population of 20,000 people are desperate and struggle to meet their basic feeding problem and they are totally devastated by poisoned water. That area was one of reaches agricultural area before and has a huge potential.

Aeroport in Nukus city capital of Karakalpakstan, used to be busy all the time, is closed second years as of today. There is no internet in Karakalpakstan. North border of Karakalpakstan with Kazakhstan locked down by Uzbek Army and National Security of Uzbekistan. Republic of Karakalpakstan is totally isolated by Government of Uzbekistan, where they are providing chemical and bacteriological attack against population of Karakalpakstan.

People reaching out Government of Karakalpakstan appointed by President of Uzbekistan Mr.Mirziyoyev and asked Mr K.Sariev Prime Minister of Karakalpakstan to comment water situation and why all fishes are dyeing in Amu Darya river. His answer was shocking and he sounds like he is aware of this mass murder action of Government of Uzbekistan. He said coming new water contains higher level of oxygen and fish "suffocates" by oxygen and fish come up dead. Also new water bringing all contaminants collected during winter time and those contaminants going to public drinking water. He intentionally didn't answer to question why public water providing untreated even if United Nation and World Bank provided funding to treatment facilities of Karakalpakstan. We know that water treatment facilities installed and it used to work before when UN high commission came to check water treatment facilities. But Uzbek Government bypassing it and providing untreated contaminated public water intentionally with injected poison chemicals in it.

We want to bring attention of United Nation that people of Karakalpakstan under chemical and bacteriological attack by Government of Uzbekistan. We are asking help to stop mass murder people of Karakalpakstan by Uzbek Government. The only way to stop it is to liberate Karakalpakstan as a State

Aman Sagidullaev



Picture taken in 21st district of Nukus city capital of Karakalpakstan. Water coming out with strong odor last three weeks like in the picture untreated, undrinkable.