Mirziyoyev encourages torture in Karakalpakstan. Reports of new torture cases

We are receiving mass scale atrocities Government of Uzbekistan against people of Karakalpakstan. We received information about beating, torture and killing civilians by Government of Uzbekistan in Kara ozek, Tahtakupir, Muinak, Kungrad, Turtkul, Beruni, Nukus, Hojely. Here some of them which show clear mass murder policy of Uzbek Authority. We changed names intentionally to protect victims from prosecution by Uzbek Authorities:

1. Prisoner Makset released from CI-9 prison in Nukus Karakalpakstan was a victim of horrendous actions of prison guards, police, SNB (National Security) agents, prosecutors of Uzbekistan against prisoners, citizens of Karakalpakstan. He was in prizon for 6 month and he said that he feel like he spent 60 years inside that torture machine. He came out from that prison with broken kidneys. Inhuman prison guards, operatives, SNB and prosecutor officers of Uzbekistan operated in that prison can't be called human beings. He couldn't find a word to name that bastards and animals. They have a place in CI-9 called "Жузим баг" "Vineyard" where they take prisoners and beat them up, torture, dehumanize, repress and provide severe mental and physical pain. You can scream and ask for help all day and nobody can hear you, no prisoners, no guards, nobody who is in prison premises. Three operatives from Tashkent took Makset in "Vineyard" several times where they beat him until he passes out, then they used to take a brake until I came out. Sometimes they used to beat couple days straight without letting me to fall asleep. Feet whipping is one of the most painful and their favorite torture he said and they love to use it, especially during interrogation. Its extremely painful and it doesn't leave visible marks and bruises, so they can take you out to testify or to meet with your attorney and family members right after torture. One guy complained about torture and beating in CI-9 to his lawyer after that he spent about a week in "Vineyard" and they said that he will spent rest of his life here if he try to tell anybody about torture. Makset said that Uzbek prison guards and officers enjoy beating kazakh and karakalpak nationals and it was for them like a sport and fun. No matter what kind of crime you committed you will be beaten and tortured. They used to say "that torture is your reality, I am your President here and all complains address to me, this is Uzbekistan, if you don't like it you can leave, you can go and find another country for yourself". Prisoners in CI-9 witnessed that torture become common and systematic there after Mirziyoyev become a President of Uzbekistan. Before Government of Uzbekistan tortured mostly in "Jaslik" prison near Kungrad and now CI-9 in Nukus capital of Karakalpakstan like a State running Torture house right in the middle of Nukus. Makset said that they had a prisons inspections, human rights guys and no one couldn't complain because we know exactly what to expect after inspection gone.

When Makset was released from the prison CI-9 he made a decision for himself to leave Uzbekistan as soon as possible and go to Kazakhstan to build his new life. Nukus remind him all his humiliations and torture. Nightmares and sleepless nights are haunting him. I am confident that everybody who is coming out from prison in Uzbekistan especially if you are from Karakalpakstan has not only broken and damaged health but also mental problems after endless torture and dehumanizing in Uzbek prisons. Only broken kidneys shorten life expec to 20-30 years and we have so many young guys dying at age of 20-25 with failed kidney and that is the one way Government of Uzbekistan pursue and eliminate people of Karakalpakstan.

2. Baxit was a young father of two kids who died during detention while he was in custody at police station in Turtkul city of Karakalpakstan. His wife Zulfia was shocked to see her husband hanged on his belt in jail cell, where she was invited to pick up the dead body of her husband. Zulfia couldn't believe that her husband could kill himself, he always was so happy with his life and kids. Other relatives had a doubt too and started to question deputy police officer how Baxit has had his belt with him, the item confiscated from all detainees in first place. Relatives found multiple bruises and even broken bone when they took Baxit home. They rush back to police station, where they started their own investigation and found out from other jailed detainees that Baxit was tortured and beaten up by Uzbek police officers. When Baxit died during torture police officer hung dead body by his belt and forged documents presenting it like suicide while he was in jail call. Desperate and devastated Zulfia called prosecutor's office to make a statement regarding her husband killed by police officers but they refused to accept her statement, neither Governor's office nor Ministry of Internal Affair of Karakalpakstan. Also without autopcy local authority rushed funerals. After funeral wife wrote complaint to President of Uzbekistan and received answer which says that person on duty that day in Police Station fired and Government of Uzbekistan promised to provided child support in the amount of 273,000sum a month ( about 30$USD ) for both of her kids. Police officers who tortured and killed Baxit are free and continue to terrorize people of Karakalpakstan. State sponsored atrocities of Uzbek Government will continue until last person will die in Karakalpakstan.

3. Gulsanem has a 3 kids, all of them grown up, married except Baltabay the youngest son. She said that she worry about him a lat lately especially since we have new president Mirziyoyev. Gulsanem said that everybody in her township feel that Government of Uzbekistan after all young kids with new president. Everyday somebody get arrested and they beating up them in police station. Couple days ago her son was late after work and she already new where he can be and rushed to local police station. She caught Uzbek police officers she never saw them before, beating her son with the gas mask in his head. She couldn't comprehend that this is really happening to her and her son. She started to call Government officials she knew and asked them to come to police station. Uzbeks police officers sneaked out and drive away. Policeman on duty tried to explain what happened. First he said that its too late to walk around this time because of curfew, even if it happened around 7 o'clock evening. Gulsanem requested documents regarding curfew and policeman said he don't have it and its kind of not official. When Governor's aid came to police station policeman on duty released Baltabay who started to yell and told how two police officers speaking on Uzbek language put gas mask on his head, handcuffed and beating from his back. Baltabay said that during beating those animals keep closed airway on gas mask and he couldn't breath. Suffocated and beaten created panic attack and Baltabay passed out couple times. With sharp pain on the back they went to doctor who said that Baltabay has broken kidney and he is Hospital now. Next day local police officer came to her house and asked Gulsanem not to disclose what happened in police station with her son to whom she said "are you asking me keep silence after beating up my son, braking his kidney and shortening his life expectancy for 20-30 years?". Local police in private said that they (Uzbekistan) can do whatever they want to, they can fabricate criminal case and you won't see your Baltabay never ever again.

4. We already published about young guy detained and beaten up during curfew imposed by Mirziyoyev in Karakalpakstan on March 21, 2018. He was in hospital and he has broken kidney. Doctors said severe kidney damage definitely will shorten his life expectancy and most likely he will need kidney transplant or dialysis, costly operation and procedure and without money he definitely can die soon. When he will die, young and without hope, local authority will rush his funeral and next day witness and all evidence and prof of atrocities of Mr.Mirziyoyev will be dead and buried. That is why he is rushing our funerals. Mr.Mirziyoyev wants to see all people in Karakalpakstan dead and buried.

Aman Sagidullaev