BREAKING NEWS!!! Government of Uzbekistan provides poisonous natural gas supply to public in Karakal

We are receiving disturbing news about poisonous natural gas provided to public. Multiple poisoned cases reported in Karakalpakstan. We had a poisonous gas reports before and it was related to not purified properly natural gas coming from underground . We had mandatory lab tests facilities in most main boiler houses as public safety requirements. By some reason all those lab test facilities liquidaited by Government of Uzbekistan and now natural gas are coming to public without any quality check and lab test control. Poisonous natural gas supply is thoughtful way for Government of Uzbekistan to liquidate population of Karakalpakstan. Our victims of poisonous gas said that government officials don't want to acknowledge how serious the situation is. Authority stated that the carbon dioxide is the reason of people's death who died recently in unknown circumstances. Its actually easy to confirm but those people forcibly buried in rush without autopcy. Locals tend to think that the reason of the death is poisoned gas and not carbon dioxide because of report of other cases of intoxication. At the same time gas specialists confirmed that carbon MONOXIDE!!! can be a byproduct of burning of not purified gas which can be the reason of intoxication. All gas purifying facilities dismantled in Karakalpakstan and moved out and closest gas purifying factory in Bukhara 600 km from Karakalpakstan. This is not look like negligence of Government officials its more likely another hidden action of Genocide of Government of Uzbekistan against people of Karakalpakstan.

We want to bring the attention of International Human rights protection organizations and the United Nations that the Government of Uzbekistan is providing systematic mass murder actions, covered up by Government officials in Karakalpakstan and as the result of it peoples are living short life and dyeing.

We will update the situation...

Usman Halknazarov