Mirziyoyev strikes where it herts most, propagating kidnaping of our kids

We have never seen kidnaping of our children in such scale in hundreds years. Its very hard to kidnap children unnoticed in first place in Karakalpakstan, because first of all its very easy to lock down all roads, awareness of population and interconnected law enforsment agencies are preventing any large scale criminal actions especially this kind of horrendous crime like a kidnapping kids. In 2000s we had organized crime like stealing farmers livestock and those criminals get caught in no time and it was no brainers. These days we have growing number of child abduction in Karakalpakstan. From criminal case data base we can see that kidnapping by strangers is vanishingly rear and thats why we want to bring it to attention of international community disturbing growing number of kidnaping by strangers in Karakalpakstan.

Locals confident that child abduction in Urban area of Karakalpakstan have had a help from authorities or somebody whose cars can't be checked at police check points. In day time well dressed three mans speaking on Uzbek language tried to abduct 7 year old boy from Karaozek region. He was scared and warned by parents to stay away from strangers and jumped out in drain water collector swam to other side of the crib and escaped. He told to parents and local police what happened with him and who and how tried to kidnap him. Well described criminals escaped and police couldn't catch them or don't want to do it. Other abducted kids were not so lucky. Their devastated parents, family members and friends don't know what to do and what to think. Authorities spreading information that these kidnapping most likely for organs which is doesn't fit. Most organs have to have matching organs to buyer's organ. All kidnapped kids taken randomly and without previous medical history or examination. Other version and motive of kidnappers like using them for slavery or other sex offenders doesn't find any backers as well. The only thing behind of all these kidnapping might be that Government of Uzbekistan found another way to repel locals and forcing them to move out and it hurts most.