Uzbekistan is becoming an Islamic State and it is nurturing terrorist groups.

If somebody was wondering why does Uzbekistan exporting so many terrorist here you can see why.

We all know about terror attack carried out by Uzbek nationals:

1. Sayfullo Saipov terror attack in the New York City on October 31, 2017 killed 8 people and injured dozen

2. Rakhmat Akilov, 39 years old, terror attack in Stockholm on April 2017

3. The bomber who detonated himself in the St. Petersburg metro in April, killing over a dozen people, was an ethnic Uzbek

4. Uzbeks were responsible for some of its most high-profile suicide bombings in Iraq

5. Uzbekistan has provided some 1,500 soldiers to ISIS in Iraq and Syria, according to the Soufan Group.

6. Abdurasul Hasanovich Juraboev sentensed to 15 years in prison for support of IS and he was one of six people charged in the same case. In November 2014, the largest Uzbek faction fighting in Syria pledged its allegiance to the Taliban.

Until 1991 children under 18 banned from attending mosques. Now its fruitful ground to brainwash and radicalize jobless youth who hanging around without education. Educating system totally destroyed in Uzbekistan. Corruption and bribing take all over places. Government keep changing alphabet from Cyrillic to Latin and back and generations keep losing connections, older people can't read or write young generation's staff and vice versa. All these create fruitful ground for radicalization.

Moreover Uzbek Government is giving authority to Imams (Muslim leaders) to regulate peoples life, traditions, events and impose fines for not following Sharia rules. Below you can find official Government Documents handed out in Karakalpakstan to all mayors, community, street and county authority and leaders. It require to bury dead in 24 hours. Imams are allowed to impose fine of 8 million sum (1,000USD) to person for not following Sharia Law and they are in charge to regulate whole funeral process.

Thousand years tradition to keep dead for three days before funeral service and bury on third day is the same like Kazakh and Kirghiz nations have. Uzbek government want to change it. These tradition came from our nomadic ancestors who used to leave far away from each other and its required time to gather for them for funeral service. Now we have to follow Sharia Law. Uzbek government will start public beheading and hand chopping soon.

All civilized word follow the same simple rule time between death and the funeral service can vary depending on family requirements and its not up to government officials or imams. Karakalpak nation is very liberal we had different religious groups. But Uzbek Government repressed, torched and prosecuted more than ten thousand Christians and most of them run away and escaped prosecution. More and more people of Karakalpakstan losing faith after this kind of immoral actions of Government, mass murder policy and Genocide. We believe that whole nation would convert to Christianity soon.

Mr. Mirziyoyev control all madrassas and Government Security agents providing deep cooperation with more than 15,000 muslim extremists and these kind of fine and money collection from people can handsomely support any terror actions and terrorist groups. No wonder why Uzbekistan exporting so many terrorists. The second agenda in this rush burial service is to cover up mass murder actions by poisoning public water, gas and other well documented form of Genocide in Karakalpakstan.

Usman Halknazarov