Karakalpakstan Celebrated Constitution Day on April 9 in silence of Government of Uzbekistan.

For Government of Uzbekistan it was a tough choice to allow people of Karakalpakstan to Celebrate Constitution Day on April 9, 2018, because it basically means that Karakalpakstan is separate, sovereign, independent State with his own flag, anthem, declaration, Constitution and Citizens. While people of Karakalpakstan, Government officials of Karakalpakstan, all organizations, media, radio, TV and newspapers of Karakalpakstan were loud and clear by announcing and celebrating Constitution Day of Karakalpakstan, Government Officials of Uzbekistan, President of Uzbekistan and Uzbek State controlled media abstained from mentioning Constitution Day of Karakalpakstan. Contrary independent media of Uzbekistan also covered Constitution Day celebration in Karakalpakstan. Under public pressure government of Uzbekistan acknowledge not only existence of Constitution of Karakalpakstan but also Constitutional rights of people of Karakalpakstan. It was huge steps toward Independence of Karakalpakstan which under occupation of Uzbek Government these days and Uzbek Government doing everything to hide existence of Karakalpakstan as a State. First time in so many years Constitution Day was in such scale even without Uzbek Government funding.

During 28 years since Karakalpakstan declared Independence National Security of Uzbekistan provide systematic horrendous actions against people of Karakalpakstan. All our leaders who formed Government, create Constitution, who formed first Karakalpak party "Halk Mapi", who was member of that party, who pursue independence of Karakalpakstan after crush of Soviet Union was torched, assassinated, prosecuted, expelled and jailed. We are celebrating humanity, its universal value human rights and our rights to create civilized society today in Constitution Day of Karakalpakstan and we are refusing to accept barbaric mass murder policy of Uzbek government and interfering of Mr.Mirziyoyev to State policy of Karakalpakstan .

Present policy of government of Uzbekistan comforting western countries by declaring building democracy and ditching out dictatorship. Western countries blindsided and they can't see how Mr. Mirziyoyev poisoning people of Karakalpakstan by untreated public water and natural gas and covering it up by mandatory one day burial and funeral service for diseased, terrorizing young generation beating them up and torturing them during imposed unlawful curfew, jailing political activists, imposing Sharia law in Uzbekistan and Karakalpakstan, prosecuting Christians, creating Islamic Sate, propagating kidnaping kids, spreading fascist occupation policy, discriminating minority, looting property and belongings of citizen, forcibly sterilizing women, systematically cutting jobs, expelling locals from their land, forcibly loaning high interest money for mandatory home improvement and appliance purchase, propagating slavery, destroying education system and nurturing corruption and terrorism, brainwashing and broadcasting propaganda and blocking information and internet in Karakalpakstan.

We want to turn to all members of United Nations to support Independence of Karakalpakstan to support Karakalpakstan as a State. We want to to use our Constitutional Rights and demand from Government of Uzbekistan to release all political prisoners from Uzbek prisons, freedom of speech, freedom of parties, freedom of choice, withdrawal all Uzbek Army, Government Security, Prosecutors, Police and all Uzbek government organizations from the territory of Karakalpakstan and stop intervening in political process of Karakalpakstan.

Aman Sagidullaev