URGENT!!! Government of Uzbekistan blocked the water flow of the river Amu Darya and left without dr

We don't have a word to describe the action of the Government of Uzbekistan leaving without drinking water peoples of Karakalpakstan. Dehydration is causing high blood pressure and elderly and even young people experiencing fatigue, unrepairable health damage, stroke and heart attack. Animal Shavkat Mirzyoyev killing our population, we couldn't find another word to describe his action. Government of Uzbekistan doing nothing in this drought and watching how locals experiencing tremendous suffering.

Instead of handling emergency situation local government officials forcing farmers to plant cotton on dry salted ground. Farmers just experienced salt storm with zero visibility and all plants, road, and roofs covered with a sick layer of salt. Before 1990 Government of Karakalpakstan used to plant thousands and thousands square meters of protective plants to prevent salt storm. Government of Uzbekistan keep dry the Aral see floor for geological development of oil and gas without proper protective measures against salt storms. Salt storms cause respiratory diseases like pneumonia and tuberculosis and distorting agriculture.

Government of Uzbekistan is grasping for natural resources of Karakalpakstan and destroying living environment of population and committing crime against humanity mass murder by negligence and deliberetly creating inhuman living condition. We consider it as an act of Genocide against of people of Karakalpakstan by government of Uzbekistan.

Farmers are pointing out also that local government seising lands from them for not growing plants as a pretext and its impossible to grow anything without water in salty land. Farmers believe that Government created drought as a conspiracy. That way they want to seise lands from locals and hand it in to Uzbek nationals they are migrating in large numbers to Karakalpakstan from Uzbekistan. Also its intended to repel locals and forcing them to leave their lands and migrate to Kazakstan or Russia. And this is an another mind blowing discrimination and Genocide of Uzbek government against Karakalpakstan.

We are asking Security Council of the United Nations to call emergency meeting on the situation in Karakalpakstan. Drought in 5 region and 5th day without drinking water Muinak region are creating irreparable damage to health of civilians of Karakalpakstan. Government of Uzbekistan standstill and unwilling to prevent life-threatening condition of civilians. We consider it unacceptable and act of Genocide against of population of Karakalpakstan.

Aman Sagidullaev



Water blocked area of Amu Darya river

After salt storm all plants covered by thick layer of salt

Katti agar (Fast river) dried up, photo April 16, 2018

Amu Darya Taxia-Tas river dried up, photo April 16, 2018

Amu Darya river dried up, photo April 16, 2018

Sarancha river dried up, photo April 16, 2018