Dead and buried. Perfect mass murder of Government of Uzbekistan

25 year old young man from Bozatau region died recently in unknown circumstances, he just didn't wake up. He was perfectly healthy, never had a health problem and he was happy with his life. Kidirov Kairulla died at the age of 40 on March 28, 2018 and locals concern that his death connected to water where all fishes came up dead and that water has unusual odor and dark color in the river. Bairam just buried his child at the age of 2 whose death couldn't be explained even by doctors. Allaiar 19 years old died in March 2018. When he started to feel sick doctors diagnosed him with chronic kidney failure, hospital doesn't have dialysis equipment and he can't even dream about kidney transplant. His family said that he couldn't pee after he was beaten up by Uzbek police. In his dead bed he said to his friends "I am too young, I just start to live, I didn't have a chance to tell the girl i love about my feelings. I am gonna miss you guys". Jumanazarov Buharbai 32 years old died in one day on January, 2018 without previous health problem after Government of Uzbekistan cut off gas supply. Here the list of diceased recently without any chronic illness or any previous health problem:

Otegenov Baxtiar 44 years old, Utemuratov Kuralbai, Utemuratov Kuat 23 years old, Bekmuratov Kuanish, Kundebaev Sabit, Otambetov Bahtiyar 46 years old son of Palimbet, Jumka son of Sarsenbai 28 years, Kaipanov Jamgarbai 27 years old, Ajiniyazov Daulet 46 years old, Tipanov Bazarbai 44 years old, Utemuratov Bairam 39 years old, Turdikulov Otep 44 years old, Baxtiyar 24 years old died on March 20,2018, Mamutov Baxadir 38 years old, Allanov Keulimjai 35 years old, Nurmuhanov Marat 35 years old, Jansakov Talasbai 25 years old, Saparbek didn't wake up on February 2018, Jilkibai didn't wake up on March 2018, Tolebaev Azizbek 21 years old ... . Government of Uzbekistan ordered to bury them in less than 24 hours. Police and government security agents controlled funeral processes.

In Muinak only more than hundred diseased in last month which is more than ten times than in previous year. Locals are telling that most of the deaths from unknown reasons and connecting it to contaminated drinking water.

This list of death without reason is only from one community and for whole Karakalpakstan its going to be a very long and we will update it in separate list. We are already shocked with the scale and numbers of mass murder. Each of them died in their own bed and buried in separate grave and no one is not going to rise a question. Its perfect crime and purfect murder made by government of Uzbekistan. Journalist from Russia was wondered why he can't get to Karakalpakstan, why the airport shuted down in Nukus for the second year and why he need permit even with visa less travel and a lot of restricted area and don't go zones. That is the reason - you can accidentally discover Holocaust in modern implementation by government of Uzbekistan.

We just need to find perfect murder weapons which were used to commit these horrific crimes by government of Uzbekistan. One of those weapons is untreated poisonous public drinking water. In the next video the guy is demonstrating water supplied by Government of Uzbekistan full of algae, microbes and contaminants which is used as a public drinking water. Even dogs and livestock don't want to drink that water because of odors and bad quality. But locals doesn't have a choice and the only methods of treatment of water for them is to boil water but it doesn't remove contaminants, chemicals, poisonous elements and heavy metals. Locals stating that skyrocketing death rate and especially death on young age indicate that government poisoning this water and dark color, salt and odor of water can hide any smell and test of it.

Another perfect murder weapon is an unputrified natural gas provided to public. We have had many cases when people is passing out during simple cooking process in the kitchen. Imposed curfew in Karakalpakstan and beating up young man who get caught after 9PM is the horrific way to brake down kidney which is shortening significantly life of those guys. Nobody rises a question when next year that guys will die because of complication and kidney failure. What a perfect murder weapon.

One parent at the funeral service of his son said that we are living in horrific time when so many parents bury their kids because of the government madness and this is like the end of the world and apocalypse come in Karakalpakstan. If one kill somebody that person will get prison term for a long time. If we find mass grave of 10-20 people we will start International investigation of Genocide and ethnic cleansing. We have here killed, dead and buried by Government of Uzbekistan and his president Mr. S.Mirziyoyev thousands and thousands of people of Karakalpakstan and nothing happens, contrary Mr.Mirziyoyev is a hero, people of Uzbekistan praises him and western countries kept blindsided. Just because victims have died in their own bed and buried in separate graves and its perfect mass murder, nobody questions these deaths. If somebody rises a concern then Uzbek government just made 102ton of gold on the territory of Karakalpakstan to blow away all your concerns.

Aman Sagidullaev