The President Mirziyoyev's disgusting propaganda in action

There's certain things you don't do outta respect if you are human being. For instant don't dance on the grave of somebody and don't vandalize cemetery with your propaganda machine. I hope karma slaps you in the face before I do. Government security agents posted on YouTube video with the graves of parents and grandparents of Aman Sagidullaev. On that video they are crossing the line and trying to accuse him that he abandoned graves and can't come to parents graves and pay respect. Basically Mr. Mirziyoyev telling Aman Sagidullaev "look I am dancing on your parent's grave what you can do about it". Besides that locals and Aman's relatives said that Government security agents and mulla (mosque worker) in cemetery encouraging visitors of cemetery stay away from Aman's parents and grandparent's graves and trying to teach the lesson of political correctness. I can't imagine how this is going to help them to stop nation wide movement for independence of Karakalpakstan. People of Karakalpakstan had a chance to see one more time that government of Uzbekistan has intention to destroy in Karakalpakstan everything including graves of our ancestors.

Uzbek government does not shun away from trying to present supporters of independence as separatists, Western mercenaries and even as an evil plan of Western countries to destroy the state order of the Uzbekistan. That cynical statements of Uzbek government trolls pouring Facebook, YouTube comment, WhatsApp and other social media doesn't have any grounds, but intended to hide Genocide, mass murder, atrocities, crime against humanity and human rights abuses in Karakalpakstan.

Groundless cynical propaganda machine of Uzbekistan

Uzbek trolls pouring comments with the pictures on Facebook

Uzbek propaganda trolls don't shay away from anything

Blocking water flow and leaving for five days without drinking water public of Karakalpakstan, imposed curfew, looting property and livestocks of farmers, poisoned water, imposed sharia laws, poisoned natural gas supply to public, Genocid, discrimination beyond the grave, mass murder, occupation and fascist ideology that what Uzbek government pursue and intended to hide behind his cynical propaganda.

Propaganda machine is using Aman Sagidullaev's parents' and grandparents' graves in this video.

Even victims of dictatorship of Uzbekistan are expressing

discontent and disgust by immoral propaganda machine of Government of Uzbekistan even if they have a moral rights to do the same.

Usman Halknazarov