Justice Ministry is growing. Uzbek Government turned drought into disaster in Karakalpakstan.

Justice Ministry of Uzbekistan established their branches and representatives in each district of Karakalpakstan. When citizens out of drinking water for 7 days in some areas Government of Uzbekistan rush to handle with emergency situation. Uzbek Government instead of providing drinking water to public contrary government is doing everything to prevent documents getting to International Court. When people of Karakalpakstan started to collect documents regarding injustice, drought, contaminated public drinking water, forced labor, forced women sterilization, deprivation the rights of citizens, forced child labor justice department handy in every district of Karakalpakstan. Now locals can't send complaint or receive any answer to complaints from local authority. Justice guys are checking government correspondence to make sure they don't comply for consideration with any International and Domestic Justice System.

We remember how Justice Department handled complaints regarding fabricated and phony criminal cases against political activists and persons who pursue Independence of Karakalpakstan. They are all in jail now.

Government of Uzbekistan empower injustice by creating justice department in each district of Karakalpakstan, who will be engaged in cover up of the government atrocities and cover up of corruption.

Here is the list of freshly made Justice Department

Shomanai district - Jaksilik Seitekov

Hodjeili district - Timur Asanov

Kegeili district - Seidahmet Asanov

Taxiatash district - Makset Seitimbetov.

.... more departments coming soon.

For Justice department guys we will post the list of crimes by Uzbek Government officials they can investigate:

1. Halimov Hakimbay fabricated criminal cases against political activists and prosecuted with false accusations thousands civilians of Karakalpakstan. Some of them tortured to death and he is personally responsible for it. Also he is behind of death of prosecutors. He looted property of prosecuted citizens and businesses of Karakalpakstan

2. Amin Tadjiev personally responsible for execution of political leaders of Karakalpakstan and members of party Halk Mapi of Karakalpakstan and political opponents of dictator Karimov.

3. Here is cover up of Uzbek Government everybody knows in Karakalpakstan. 80% of the best agriculture lands belongs to the Government officials but registered under different names, all Uzbek nationals from other province of Uzbekistan. After harvesting produce in the fall government official takes up to 90% of harvest and farmer takes 10% and leftover side products from harvest. Its usually useful for livestock and farm. Farmer selling harvested produces when the price is the highest in the market usually in the late spring and summer and handing cash to his boss, the government officials. Usually Farmer never knows who is that government official is and never deal with him directly and usually middleman handle all operations. Any problem during agricultural process of growing produce with local authority resolved by phone call and that middleman. Most parts of the collected money government official handing in to Governor who passing it to President Mirziyoyev. Its multibillion USD corruption scheme running already a half century. Unofficial "everybody knows" information that corrupted Amin Tadjiev's mob clan of Hadjiev Daniyar, Sariev Kaharman, Hamraev Atadjan, Tadjiev Erkebai, Halimov Hakimbai possess more than 10,000 hektar of best lands in Karakalpakstan.


That list can go on and it is going to be a good start for justice department but they came with different agenda. They are here to hide, cover up and deal with growing international concern regarding ethnic cleansing, Genocide, atrocities, torture and crimes against humanity in Karakalpakstan by Government of Uzbekistan.

At the same time emergency situation in Karakalpakstan is turning into disaster. Now in capital Nukus people doesn't have a drinking water. Nukus, Halkabad, Chimbai, Karaozek, Tahtakupyr, Hodjeili, Kungrad, Muinak cities without drinking water. Almost whole population of Karakalpakstan punished by Uzbek Government. Mirziyoyev teaching the lesson to behave and drop the Independence idea and killing people by leaving them without drinking water. Every time when people of Karakalpakstan talking about independence Uzbek Government shutting off water flow. It keep happening every 2-3 years. At this moment one realize why we need Independence and freedom. Nobody feel your pain and your suffering. Free Karakalpakstan could fix a water problems decades ago. For Uzbek Government water problem is the leverage to manipulate and maintain their occupation policy. Uzbek Government literally killing peoples of Karakalpakstan at this very moment right in front of whole world. Yesterday all police and government security forces searched for cars and people who took a pictures of dried out rivers. Government of Uzbekistan not only killing people but also wants to hide it, they want to hide ethnic cleansing and mass murder. I guess justice department could be handy in this situation.


Usman Halknazarov