Victory Parade of Uzbekistan. Dictatorship Won Democracy.

Mr.Mirziyoyev by kowtowing to the U.S. and to the Russian Government pursue his unique and well counted agenda. So far it plays out to his favor. As the result President of Uzbekistan decided to celebrate his little dirty victory and throw out the Victory Parade in Russian style on May 9, 2018 all over Uzbekistan, in Karakalpakstan specifically. The main reason of these masquerade is to show the loyalty to Russia. Its kinda bad move in front of western countries but its paid off, because Uzbekistan occupied Russian State Karakalpakstan which was the part of Russia since 1873 until 1933. Natural resources of Karakalpakstan is in illegal possession of Uzbekistan and accounts 90% of GDP. Without it Uzbekistan will be broke and in default. Russia is too busy with sanctions, problems with Ukraine and Syria and overlooked it and Mirziyoyev wants to keep it that way and throw out Russian style parade. Also in exchange to natural gas from Karakalpakstan Uzbek Government is receiving military hardware in form of helicopters, tanks, fire arms and ammunitions from Russia. Military hardware is offensive in most parts which is bringing us to conclusion that Uzbek Government is preparing for a big war. Who is the target we need to find out.

Wait a minute! Uzbekistan with Russian? But how about sanctions? Uzbekistan is doing mass murder, ethnic cleansing and Genocide against people of Karakalpakstan killing thousands and thousands civilians. Human rights abuses left and rights, child labor, world terrorist supplier with fascist policy and crimes against humanity. And with Russia? Sanctions should hit hard Uzbekistan long time ago and cripple his economy and oligarchs. Not so fast. Uzbekistan has a meal for western countries too. Uzbekistan ditched Russians and providing full cooperation in military training with NATO, purchasing air defense system and state of art military technology. Moreover Mr.Mirziyoyev consolidate all Central Asian countries Turkmenistan, Kazakstan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan handing out loans and financial aids to all of them, the money Uzbekistan does't have. Mirziyoyev is so confident in what he is doing that he didn't bother to meet Recep Tayyep Erdogan president of Turkey on his last visit in May, gave him the cold shoulder showing Erdogan that he is not welcome in Uzbekistan anymore. Where is the money coming from which is giving confidence to Uzbek President Mirsiyoyev? In most parts from the gold mine on the territory of Karakalpakstan. Also Turkey most likely decided not to join Mirziyoyev's plan to unite Central Asian Countries against Russia. Yes, that is the big Evil plan of Mirziyoyev. That is why all western countries are closing eyes to Genocide and mass murder in Karakalpakstan and terrorist acts by uzbek nationals in Europe and USA. They are just small token of appreciation western countries is handing in to Mr.Mirziyoyev for taking down Russia.

Why Uzbekistan is chosen for that mission? Simple explanation, because Uzbekistan is perfect country to carry out all war expenses and casualties. Poor, ambitious and moronic Government of Uzbekistan can sign under any mission to become rich and powerful. "Uzbekistan is really good at caring out atrocities and terrorist acts" as pointed out by Craig Murray former UK ambassador in Uzbekistan. It can be used against Russia. Trillion dollars worth natural resources of Karakalpakstan can support endless war with Russia. The only thing need to be done is to get rid off people of Karakalpakstan and that what Mr.Mirziyoyev doing right now in Karakalpakstan by turning off drinking water, killing agriculture, forcing civilians to starvation, freezing to death civilians in winter cold and propagating fascist policy and discrimination.

I wish i am wrong in this statement but atrocities, torture and repressions we have seen last three decades and endless repressive policy of Uzbek Government against people of Karakalpakstan and shutting down drinking public water of civilians make me confident in my assumptions. President Mirziyoyev bringing big ciivil war in Central Asia. Uzbek Government and Mr.Mirziyoyev should realize that instead of paying billions and billions of dollars for military which brings only war and devastation with no return its better to invest in freedom and democracy which will bring back your investment tenfold, bring peace and prosperity. Short minded Uzbek Government and their advisers should know that to build high standard of life required thousands time more investments and efforts than to destroy it.

Uzbekistan is in crossfire in this brutal geopolitical war and choosing the side is like signing death sentence and bringing devastation. Look at the Syria, Ukraine, Libia, Iran, Sudan, Congo, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Karabah, North Korea, Central Africa and so on and so forth. The only right choice here is to stay with your own people and people who depends on you. You can't favor to Uzbek over Karakalpak. You can't "suck" the blood of Karakalpakstan and devastate it without consequences. Karakalpakstan is not enemy. Free and Independent Karakalpakstan will benefit to Uzbek Government way more than conflict. Many sides watching at Uzbekistan (we can give you the list) and want this conflict because Uzbekistan without economy and torn in war in many countries' interests. Central Asia has a bright future and we saw willingness of 5 countries to build Union like Europe. But before European Union happened they brought a lot of Independent States and resolved all political conflicts. For instance Norway had Independence granted by Sweden. Even these days Europe is accepting new Independent States. Power of any Union is in Independence of their States. Each Sates of the USA has their own tax system, free legislative and democratic political system. Only freedom of Karakalpakstan can resolve all issues of Government of Uzbekistan. Any political unresolved crisis and conflict can bring devastation to country with little or no money. The sooner Uzbek Government realize it the better and together we will build much stronger and prosperous economy.

As we always said our mission is in PEACEFUL resolving of the political crisis in Uzbekistan. The only solution is to grant Independence to Sovereign Republic of Karakalpakstan. This victory of Uzbek Government celebrated in Karakalpakstan on May 9 was occupational, illusional and surreal. The real Victory of Uzbek Government will be when our nation will be Free and Independent granted by Mr.Mirziyoev. All major roads, airport, stations, squares, schools, Universities, collages and hospitals will carry his name on it when it happens. Lets bring a peace not a war to our country.

Aman Sagidullaev

On the Victory Day. Uzbekistan won Karakalpakstan

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