Karakalpakstan was banned from participating in Great Kuraltaj in Hungary by Government of Uzbekista

Members of all Nomadic countries are participating in the Great Kuraltaj in Hungary every year. But this year Republic of Karakalpakstan was banned by Government of Uzbekistan from participating. One of the most ancient culture among nomadic and Turkish group KaraKalpak (Black Hat) was banned by cruel, greedy, repressive Government of Uzbekistan. Here we go again. Occupation and fascist policy of Uzbek Government systematically wiping out existence of Karakalpaks. Karakalpaks were the group like the same Kara Papak (Turkish-Azerbaijan group), Ak Kalpak (Kirgiz-Kazakh Group) and the name Kalpaks of the Euroasian stepe nomadic group were mentioned in ancient history and Kuraltaj was traditional gathering of Nomadic Tribes leaders to discuss military and strategic decisions. Today its symbolic meeting but also participants discuss wellbeing and mood of the nation and Uzbekistan have had a good reason to ban Karakalpakstan who under total control and occupation of Uzbekistan because leaders of Uzbekistan decided to destroy and annihilate whole Country of Karakalpakstan. And Government of Uzbekistan doesn't wants to disclose it and let somebody come to Great Kuraltaj and talk about mass murder policy and Genocide providing by Government of Uzbekistan against Karakalpakstan, because traditionally members of Kuraltaj never accepted when one tribe killed another tribe for money (or natural resources).

Since we were banned from participating in Greate Kuraltaj we want to turn to heads of Countries participants of Great Kuraltaj to Government of:

  • Azerbaijan

  • Avar

  • Bashkortostan

  • Bulgaria

  • Balkar

  • Buryatia

  • Chechnya

  • Chuvashia

  • Dagestan

  • Estonia

  • Evenki

  • Finland

  • Gagauzia

  • Hungary (Host)

  • Japan

  • Kabardin

  • Kalmykia

  • Karachay

  • Karakalpakstan

  • Kazakhstan

  • South Korea

  • Madjars

  • Kyrgyzstan

  • Kumi

  • Manchus

  • Mongolia

  • Northern Cyprus

  • Nogai

  • Sakha

  • Sapmi

  • Uzbekistan

  • Madzsar

  • Tatarstan

  • Turkey

  • Tuva

  • Turkmenistan

  • Uyghur

and inform them that Government of Uzbekistan is providing mass murder policy in Karakalpakstan:

1. restricted water supply to civilians of Karakalpakstan for 28 years and last year especially heavy restriction

2. providing untreated with contaminants and infections public drinking water

3. dried out Aral sea to develop oil and gas and triggered most horrific ecological disaster which brought on May 27,28 and July 18 thousands of tons poisonous and toxic salt storm killing live stocks and people of Karakalpakstan

4. fascist and occupation policy of Uzbekistan create jobless, mass poverty, uneducated generation of non uzbek nationals

5. unlawful propagating lynching, mob laws, sharia laws used to terrorize civilians of Karakalpakstan along with imposed illegal curfew

6. killing journalists and imprisoning human rights activist

7. killing, and jailing leaders of Karakalpakstan

8. killing Civil society

9. forced sterilization of Karakalpak women which killed more than 4 million unborn kids of Karakalpakstan

10. destroying healthcare and emergency care of civilians

11. forced replacing Government Karakalpak language and substituting it by Uzbek language in mass scale (last big experience of it were during Warld War 2)

12. illegal destroying houses and expelling locals from their lands and properties

13 torturing and beating up activists and civilians who pursue the Independence of Karakalpakstan

14. restricting access to Internet and social media

15. illegal search of houses, private property, cellphones and private messages, browsing history and social apps activity

.... this list of inhuman policy of Uzbek Government can go on and on. We are asking for help and protection from Uzbek Tyranny civilians of Karakalpakstan. Only as an Independent State and member of the UN we can be able to protect ourselves. Under occupation of Uzbekistan civilians of Karakalapkstan like in gas chamber of Holocaust can't survive for long these days. Remember its happening now and today and if this tragedy hit us today it might hit some of you tomorrow. Our 7.5 Trillion dollar worth of natural resources of Karakalpakstan we are ready to share with all countries who will help us to bring a peace and freedom to our nation and save us from Tyranny of Uzbekistan.

Aman Sagidullaev



Instagram: algakarakalpakstan

facebook: Алга Каракалпакстан