You can be arrested and tortured if you ask for water in Karakalpakstan

If you show that water blocked you will be considered as a whistleblower in Karakalpakstan. If you ask for water you will be arrested and tortured like Kydyrbay Alekeev and 15 other farmers in Karakalpakstan.

This is politically motivated actions of Government of Uzbekistan aimed to expel locals from their lands and properties. Old days invasion with tanks, weapons and soldiers replaced with modern form of invasion by replacing the Government in our case Government of Karakalpakstan with puppet Government under total control and delivering new form of exodus. Its silent, doesn't bring to attention of UN and OSCE.

I wonder if Saddam Husain would be alive if he used the same innovative form of invasion techniques of Uzbekistan to conquer Kuwait.

Aman Sagidullaev

Instagram: @algakarakalpakstan

Telegram: @algakarakalpakstan