Open Letter to President of France Emmanuel Macron regarding upcoming meeting with Sh.Mirziyoyev

To President of France

Dear Emmanuel Macron,

On behalf of people of Karakalpakstan, political leaders of Democratic Choice of Karakalpakstan, citizens, workers, farmers, students and retired we want to bring attention of Government of France to horrendous situation in Karakalpakstan. We finally reached OSCE this September and brought to attention of participants of OSCE Conference and UN countries the horrific situation and human rights abuses of people in Sovereign Republic of Karakalpakstan by Government of Uzbekistan. First time we rise the questions in front of all other nations about deep crisis and how two different political system’s coexistence. How Uzbekistan with Presidential Government with the population of 32 million bullied small country of Karakalpakstan with Parliamentarian Government with population of only 2 millions without following Rules of Law and Constitution and create an army of political prisoners of Karakalpakstan in jails of Uzbekistan with fabricated criminal cases. Families of political prisoners of Karakalpakstan are living in total isolation threatened by Security Agents of Uzbekistan. In the Speech and Statement at OSCE we made it clear that we need help of OSCE and UN to stop it and to bring to negotiation table Government of Uzbekistan to Restore our Independence to protect human rights of millions of civilians of Karakalpakstan. Unfortunately, Government of Uzbekistan is threatening to existence of our nation.

We can’t protect ourselves. Republic of Karakalpakstan looks like lonely planet from outside, because from inside its huge prison camp, labor camp with no human rights whatsoever. These days at this very moment thousands and thousands of adults and kids experiencing forced labor to collect cottons by Government of Uzbekistan. We made multiple reports of it. The only question we brought to OSCE meeting is to bring to negotiation table President and Government of Uzbekistan with the Government of Karakalpakstan. We need your help in three key problems:

1. We need your help Mr Emmanuel Macron to bring to negotiation table President of Uzbekistan Mr. Shavkat Mirziyoyev with Parties of Democratic Choice of Karakalpakstan in upcoming meeting in France. We would like to ask you initiate with the President of Uzbekistan negotiation process to peacefully resolve conflict between two different countries Uzbekistan and Karakalpakstan since agreement signed in 1993 between Uzbekistan and Karakalpakstan is expired in 2013 according which Karakalpakstan agreed to be a part of Uzbekistan for 20 years with the special status. But Government of Uzbekistan providing occupation policy now in Karakalpakstan and suppressed all democratic freedom and don’t want us to go.

2. We can’t protect ourselves. We need your help Mr. President of France to join Karakalpakstan to NATO for protection? Karakalpakstan is 100% ready to take a fair share and support NATO with his huge natural and human resources, conveniently located in the heart and soul of Central Asia, at the crossroad of huge geopolitical interests like interests of China, Russia, Middle East and others.

3. We need your help Mr. Emmanuel Macron to support and recognize the Republic of Karakalpakstan as a State in Security Council of UN and help Karakalpakstan to become as a member of UN. Karakalpakstan is a Souvereign Independent Country with the Declaration of Independence from December 14, 1990, Constitution, territory, economy, population and language. We don’t need messy referendum or any political turmoil to be recognized as a State. Its already done in 1990 and all citizens are waiting for support from Western Countries and UN to step forward and request their freedom without being killed and annihilated by Government of Uzbekistan.

The fate of tens of millions people of Central Asia is in your hand. The leaders of Democratic Choice of Republic of Karakalpakstan are ready to meet with You and Your Government to discuss all aspects and future of Democratic Karakalpakstan. We have full support of all (100%) people of Karakalpakstan and neighbor regions. With the touch of your pen You will grant freedom and liberty to hundreds of millions in generation to come. As always, we are ready for full cooperation with France.

Sincerely yours,

Aman Sagidullaev

Political Leader of Democratic Party “Alga Karakalpakstan”,

Instagram: @AlgaKarakalpakstan,

Telegram: @AlgaKarakalpakstanParty


Leaders and members of “Oyan Karakalpakstan”

Leaders and members of “Erkin Karakalpakstan”

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Information Center ”Shirak”

Human Rights Alliance of Karakalpakstan

Leaders and members of “Patriots of Karakalpakstan”

Leaders and members of “Halk Mapi”

October 5, 2018