Open Letter to the President V.Putin on the eve of the upcoming meeting with the President of Uzbeki

Press Release 2018/41 October 15, 2018

Open Leter to the President of Russia

V.Putin on the eve of the upcoming meeting with the President of Uzbekistan Sh.Mirziyioyev

Dear Vladimir Putin,

We would like to bring to your attention deep political crisis between Uzbekistan and Sovereign Republic of Karakalpakstan. We need your help and support of Independence of the Republic of Karakalpakstan. Uzbekistan become monstrous Government with the help and support of Russia. Uzbekistan boiled humans alive last 30 years, torturing people of Karakalpakstan, dehumanizing them. Army, police and Government Security Agency of Uzbekistan totally isolated Republic of Karakalpakstan. Today Republic of Karakalpakstan is in economical, political and informational blockage by Uzbekistan. Government of Uzbekistan is arresting civil and political activists of Karakalpakstan and killing civil society of Karakalpakstan.

Republic of Karakalpakstan is giant prison and labor camp of Uzbekistan. Government of Uzbekistan prohibits political parties of Karakalpakstan, prosecutes political activists. You are role model for Uzbekistan by prosecuting Aleksey Navalni and other political opponents. Splendid similarity of the torture of people in Syria and citizens of Karakalpakstan in Uzbekistan doesn't leave us any doubt that evil mastermind of it is the Russia. Russia is responsible in killing thousands of innocent people in Sirya with the aim to drug the oil price up. Russia today is not able to develop their economy without selling oil and gas. Peoples of Karakalpakstan are victims of Russian oil and gas exploration in Karakalpakstan today as well.

Government of Uzbekistan inherited from Soviet Russia forced labor. Human rights activists and journalists are sick and tired everyday reporting about mass scale of slavery and forced labor illegally propagated by Government of Uzbekistan. If you want to take a look for slavery and forced labor you are welcome to visit cotton farms and field where thousands and thousands children, teachers, students, doctors, prisoners, government workers, workers of organization forced to collect cotton against their will. You will be impressed by management skill of forced labor of Shavkat Mirziyoyev the President of Uzbekistan you appointed. You are personally responsible for slavery and forced labor in Uzbekistan.

We are inspired to write you this letter by our Crimean Tatar brothers from Russia, who experiencing the same fate as the other small nations of Russia and on the verge of being extinct the same way as our Karakalpak nation. We are used to live 70 years in lie and propaganda of Soviet Russia who left us Aral's ecological disaster and brutal dictator Karimov. Russia supports another dictator of Uzbekistan Mr.Mirziyoyev today who adamant to wipe out Karakalpak nations today. We see collaboration of Russia and Uzbekistan for oil and gas development in Karakalpakstan today and people of Karakalpakstan is major obstacle for this purpose. Russian companies GasProm, Lukoil and Government of Uzbekistan dried out Aral floor and triggered major salt storm which brought up to 10 centimeters of toxic salt to Karakalpakstan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan and poisoned all arable lands. Estimated punitive damage of it is more than 1 Trillion US dollars.

Special Security Units of Uzbekistan sprayed out on the Russian made helicopters substances and we witnessed major fall of livestocks in Karakalpakstan. It happened after Democratic Choice of Karakalpakstan wrote the letter to NATO members and asked them for protection and support. We wrote that letter after Government of Uzbekistan blocked water flow of Amudarya for 4 month leaving without drinking water people of Karakalpakstan.

Government of Uzbekistan come up with vaccines for livestock after 3 month when most of the livestock were dead. That vaccines came magically from RUSSIA. Vaccines were sold to farmers of Karakalpakstan and saved only some of the infected livestocks. We consider it as an attack of Government of Uzbekistan agains unarmed civilians using prohibited bacteriological weapon and focused target since livestocks infected only on the territory of Karakalpakstan. It takes at least 6 months to prepare any vaccines which is means its well prepared and preplanned action. Since Uzbekistan doesn't have facilities to carry out this kind of operation Russian involvement is obvious.

Now we don't have any doubt that Syrian Government curried out prohibited chemical weapons against of their people. We have the same here in Uzbekistan. Russian involvement is too obvious. We are asking You and Russian Government to stop supporting Dictator Government of Uzbekistan. We want You to support our Independence and Democratic choice of people of Karakalpakstan. Also we are asking to withdraw military from Syria and stop supporting dictatorship regimes. For the sake of Russian soldiers we are asking to stop bloodshed in Ukraine, withdraw military from Ukraine and return annexed Crimea. The lives of people more valuable than pointless purpose of the war.

We are well aware that Russia supports all authoritarian regimes in Central Asia. For instance if Uzbekistan turns back to Russia then Karakalpakstan will receive support of Russia in form of weapons and money and Uzbekistan can't escape political turmoil. That is Russian way to scare and control all Central Asian countries. That is the reason why development process here is going down. Republic of Karakalpakstan was a fast developed country before 1990 and last 30 years all companies luted and factories demolished. Even printing houses demounted and taken away. Whole country doesn't have their own independent published newspaper, journals or books.

Working since 3d grade in farmland collecting cotton during Soviets we gain slavery attitude. It is for the sake of the better and bright future, Soviet propaganda justified it. Instead we have got horrendous reality. Better and bright future we see here in developed and democratic countries where human rights protection and democratic value is prevailing. Budget of school in only one school district is about 150million USD. Budget of whole country of Karakalpakstan is about 160 million USD and even that budget money going into pockets of corrupted Government of Uzbekistan. Even though Republic of Karakalpakstan has a revenue from sales of Natural resources of about 10 billion USD. That money luted by President of Uzbekistan appointed by You Vladimir Vladimirovich.

Russa has nothing to offer to Central Asian countries. Russia doesn't have advanced technologies and knowhow. Russian science, education, factories and production facilities are outdated and doesn't comply with the current high competitive requirements. But Russia possess huge nuclear arsenal and military power house. That power is used to scare small nations and to support authoritarian regimes. I have been told that Russia can burn out any small nation if he wants to, that is why Russians call us "churki" which means firewoods. Unfortunately Russia uses military might for enslavement of small nations and that is why we are asking for help and protection from UN and NATO countries and we show readiness to carry out their expenses.

Everybody who has a pleasure to live abroad has clear understanding that western countries has no intention to fight with Russia. Russian propaganda against NATO doesn't have any ground. Western countries interested in developing democracy and human rights protection because that is holy grail and foundation of development. Russia always can protect themselves and we all need only to develop democratic institution, freedom of speech, protection of political opposition, human rights protection in Russia and in all Central Asian countries. At the end of the day all parties, communism, democracy intentions is to make humans life better. In reality only developed western countries accomplishing that goal.

We would like to ask you Vadimir Vladimirovich to initiate new doctrine "Everything for human rights protection and for the people" and start it with recognizing and support the Independence of Republic of Karakalpakstan, freeing Alexey Navalny, supporting political oppositions. We are asking to withdraw military from Syria, Return Crimea to Ukraine, stop supporting dictatorship countries, stop construction of Nuclear Electric Power plant in Uzbekistan, stop installation of monuments to dictator Karimov in Russia. The power of wind and solar energy is safe and power potential of it in Uzbekistan thousand times more than the power of Nuclear Power Plant. Please help us to start existing projects to build water security in Central Asia, help us to start 275 kilometer infrastructure to transfer water from Caspian sea to Aral sea. That is the way to go today.


Aman Sagidullaev

Information Center "Shiraq"

Information Center "Shiraq ("Шырак") founded by activists of Democratic movement of Republic of Karakalpakstan and collaborate with different dissident groups in country and abroad