Government of Uzbekistan deliberately destroyed an ancient sites of Karakalpakstan. Its an act of c

We are standing still and watching how Government of Uzbekistan providing cultural cleansing in Republic of Karakalpakstan. They are deliberately destroying ancient sites of Karakalpakstan all historic reminders of great history and heritage of people of Karakalpakstan. They already did it and finished it in our history books. In new history books for school you can't find anything reminding about Karakalpak ethnicity, you can't find any Karakalpak hero or person who changed course of history not only our nations but other nations too. New history book which is now text book for school published and used at schools by Government of Uzbekistan you can read that Karakalpak ethnos originated from the Uzbek. Saying that is the same like telling that Korean ethos originated from Chineese or Japanees. Or its sounds like Americans originated from Canadians. Or sounds like English ethnos originated from German or French. Besides being wrong we can see how moronic and racist whole policy of Uzbekistan against Karakalpakstan looks like. Now Uzbek Government are destroying ancient sites of Karakalpakstan in barbaric action of cultural cleansing the same way ISIS destroyed ancient archeological monument in Syria.

Karakalpakstan lost a unique monument of medieval architecture - the mausoleum of Shamunabi. The authorities decided that he was too old and needed to be updated and they decided to demolish the “old” built in 12 AD peace of art. Remote Karakalpakstan, an ecological disaster region with a low standard of living but rich of natural resources (natural gas is 15Billion USD a year only), is surprisingly rich in tourist sites. Mausoleums, fortresses, ancient burial grounds and the museum to them. Savitsky Musemis the reason why tourists from other continents fly to Karakalpakstan. However, today the tourist routes of local guides have somewhat decreased. The number of unique monuments thins out every year, and the necessary restoration turns into barbaric demolition.

“It was an amazing mausoleum of the 12th century. Archaeologists discovered it in 1964 during excavations in the suburb of Nukus in the necropolis of Mizdahan. The building is made in a unique form - this building with seven domes and seven window openings, each of which is focused on Mecca. The tombs looked like ossuaries, the gates looked like the doors of a yurt, and the mehrab was made in the shape of a lotus. The monument surprisingly combines four great cultures, four religions - Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and Zoroastrianism. It was an amazingly thin philosophy, a symbol of tolerance, a message to descendants, ”says O.Dospanov PhD in historical sciences, professional guide, archeologist "and now it is gone".

We have had several tombs like this and it represented great puzzle of history historians had tried to uncover. Now its gone forever. Priceless jewel of Mizdahan destroyed in barbaric action by order of President of Uzbekistan Shanvat Mirziyoyev, who want to see only yellow modern building with brown roofs, which have nice looking video images from RC Quadcopter. For him and for ISIS members there is no difference between pyramids in Egypt and Las Vegas and they prefer last one because of their shiny look.

We are asking UNESCO World Heritage Center to open an investigation of barbaric demolition of cultural cites of Karakalpakstan by Government of Uzbekistan. Government of Uzbekistan has no authority to provide any kind of work which is destroying historic monuments, buildings and sites on the territory of Karakalpakstan. Today world lost a unique monument of medieval architecture - the mausoleum of Shamunabi in suburb of Nukus the capital of Karakalpakstan.

Aman Sagidullaev

Mausoleum of Shamunabi XII year before demolition, destroyed by Government of Uzbekistan