President of Uzbekistan Sh.Mirziyoyev appointed Attorney General of Karakalpakstan against Constitut

PRESS RELEASE #2018/50 November 3, 2018

This is so surreal and looks like a textbook script from the novel like "HOW TO TAKE OVER A SMALL COUNTRY AND RULE IT LIKE A ROCK STAR". Basically what happened is that President of Uzbekistan sent O.Murodov Attorney General of Uzbekistan to foreign country Sovereign Republic of Karakalpakstan to appoint new Attorney General of Karakalpakstan. O.Murodov is the guy who is supposed to watch and oversee Constitutional Rights and Human Rights protection in Uzbekistan, but not in Karakalpakstan and not so fast. He came on weekend on November 3 to Nukus capital of Karakalpakstan fired or transferred the old General Attorney of Karakalpakstan Rashid Rahmatov for his moronic actions and abuse of power in Karakalpakstan. Rashid Rahmatov was Galactically stupid and threatened directors of organizations of Karakalpakstan with jail term in case if their workers go and protest against policy of Uzbekistan or against President of Uzbekistan. Besides that we have many reports about his bribing and other abuse of power cases in Karakalpakstan.

Murodov came and ordered meeting to Government of Karakalpakstan on off day, on weekend (he was in rush) on Saturday November 3, 2018, and just to follow formality in front of 30 Government members, drugged out from their warm beds, Murodov made announcement. In front of 30 Government members of Karakalapakstan not even full Parliament of Karaklapkstanan X.Karimov was announced as a new Attorney General of Karakalpakstan brought from the middle of nowhere from Uzbekistan to Karakalpakstan. No one in Karakalpakstan never heard of him.

Without discussion, without any given time to comprehend nonsense with the new appointee, deputy of Karakalpakstan voted for X.Karimov in hurry because they don't want to miss soup opera on Russia 24 channel. How citizens of Karakalpakstan can rely on Government of Karakalpakstan appointed by Uzbek Government who just breached the law and Constitution multiple times. According Constitution of Karakalpakstan Article 114 Only Parliament of Karakalpakstan can appoint Attorney General of Karakalpakstan, but not President or Government of Uzbekistan. Qualified candidates for Attorney General of Karakalpakstan have to be presented by Parliament Parties of Karakalpakstan and this matter have to be discussed with the full session of parliament which is not presented by 30 deputy but more than 150 members plus all ministers and governors of Karakalpakstan. What kind of discussion can be held on weekend on Sartuday to discuss Attorney General position who is sending to jail thousands of innocent, torture and prosecute without any worry and consequences. Old Attorney General can be dismissed only by Parliament of Karakalpakstan and not by Mirziyoyev or Murodov according Constitution Article #114,115.

You can imagine how absence of the Rule of Law can affect anybody who is willing to invest or already Invested in Economy of Uzbekistan. Somebody can ruin and trash your investment with one call to the guys like O.Murodov, R.Rahmatov or X.Karimov. We just saw they have absolute power and they can bent Constitution, they can rule Government like a rock star and Rule of Law is a toilet paper for them. They will decide the fate of your business, your investment and they will decide you will go to jail, tortured or free. There is no room for reforms and democracy with this old authoritarian regimes left by dictator Karimov and Mr.Mirziyoyev enjoy using it.

President of Uzbekistan Mr. Mirziyoyev breached Constitution of Karakalpakstan 5 times in one day November 3, 2018, on weekend. Also he helped to escape R.Rahmatov former Attorney General of Karakalpakstan from prosecution for multiple abuse of power and corruption the same way like all other previous Attorney Generals of Karakalpakstan who is responsible for torture and death of Azat Erekewov and other citizens of Karakalpakstan.

Highjacked Government of Karakalpakstan by Government of Uzbekistan made its possible for President of Uzbekistan unlawfully appointing General Attorney and all other key position in Government of Karakalpakstan. We are asking for help UN and OSCE to stop President of Uzbekistan to interfere in internal affair of Sovereign Republic of Karakalpakstan and bring him to Justice for breaching the Constitution of Uzbekistan and Constitution of Karakalpakstan.

Information Center Shirak

New Attorney General of Karakalpakstan X.Karimov appointed by President of Uzbekistan on Extraordinary Session #5 on September 3, 2018 with only 30 members out of more than 150.

Rashid Rahmatov former Attorney General of Karakalpakstan responsible for multiple abuse of Power and corruption transferred as Deputy Attorney General of Uzbekistan to Tashkent to escape prosecution.