Putin's vassal Mirziyoyev misleading UN about Aral disaster in order to receive more funds after

If somebody was wondering why President of Karakalpakstan Musa Erniyazov came to UN to make a speech where he could've to rise the question about Independence of Sovereign Karakalpakstan and how could President of Uzbekistan can possibly made that kind of risk. Simple answer is that the President of Uzbekistan Mirziyoyev already squandered 15 billion USD of Aral rescue funds and he had no conscience to ask for more money in person from UN committee that's why he sent his vassal Musa Erviyazov to UN, the boy who cried wolf begging for more Aral rescue funds from UN. All his speech at UN is moronic and doesn't have any sense and nobody at UN didn't buy it and here we want to show why speech of Mirziyoyev's toy boy groundless and can be considered as a money laundering scheme of Uzbek Government.

As per speech and statements made by Musa Erniyazov we would like to clarify and add some very important and deliberately omitted piece of informations. Aral rescue fund for 25 years has received about 15 billion US dollars and this money has settled in the pockets of corrupt officials of Uzbekistan. Musa Erniyazov said in his speech that Aral see is practically dead which is not true and misleading. Government of Uzbekistan wants everybody think that Aral sea is dead because they want to produce oil and gas from Aral floor and they just don't care about any project which can bring back or sustain Aral sea. Russian companies and Uzbek Government is drilling this oil and gas right on Aral sea dried out floor.

Russian companies and Uzbek Government is drilling oil and gas on Aral sea floor. This picture have been taken 70km from Moynak epicenter of Aral sea disaster.

Mr.Mirziyoyev thought that he can fool everybody and fund his thugs convincing them by speech of his toy boys at UN commission. Mr.Mirziyoyev personally funded Rogun Hydro Power Plant in Turkmenistan and blocked water of Amudarya on October 29 2017 leaving without drinking water population of Aral basin. Mr.Mirziyoyev is personally managing boycott of Ukraine and supporting Russian aggression against Ukraine by declaring embargo to sugar and other products produced in Ukraine. We have evidence that territory of Karakalpakstan was used by Russian and Uzbek authorities to supply weapons to talibans in Auganistan and today Uzbekistan boosting his military might and already joined to Russian aggression and participating against Ukraine which is proves that Uzbek Government have to be stoped because he will use his military power against other countries Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Tadjikistan and especially against civil population of Karakalpakstan which he is already doing.

We believe that any Aral rescue UN funding can be used to boost Russian-Uzbekistan aggression against Ukraine and Karakalpakstan. Especially international funding to rescue Aral disaster doesn't make any sense since Musa Erniyazov in his speech said that Government of Uzbekistan pledged more than 1 billion USD funding to more than 700 projects in Karakalpakstan, which we know is pure lie of Mirziyoyev as usual. Moreover Government of Uzbekistan made more than 10 billion USD by selling only natural gas from Karakalpakstan.

In 2016 Government of Kyrgyzstan left Aral rescue fund because of mistrust and unwillingness to participate in criminal activity of the fund. Pathetic Aral Rescue Conference in Turkmenistan this year end up with mistrust to Government of Uzbekistan who squandered most of the Aral Rescue funds and all participated members was agree that Government of Uzbekistan was responsible for drying out Aral Sea floor for Oil and Gas development and triggering major toxic salt storm on May 27, 28 and on July 18 with brought major salt storm and contaminated arable lands of Turkmenistan. Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan even Europe. All parties acknowledge that fund has no money left on it.

Republic of Karakalpakstan first declared Independence on December 14, 1990 before all other Central Asian countries, because people of Karakalpakstan was left alone to face Aral sea disaster by USSR in the epicenter of disaster. But Republic of Karakalpakstan is the country reach of gas, oil and natural resources was highjacked by Dictator Karimov who coup d'état in Karakalpakstan to get a hand to natural resources and Aral rescue funds. The reason of Aral disaster was reckless agriculture policy of USSR before but today the reason is oil and gas development by Russian and Uzbek companies. Uzbekistan in collaboration with Russia are selling oil and gas produced under Aral sea since 1995 and many Russians and Uzbek officials and their families got filthy rich by selling oil and gas from Aral floor. Estimated sales for 2018 is about 10 billion USD and Government of Uzbekistan didn't spend a penny for Aral sea rescue mission and contrary triggered major toxic salt storm with punitive damage of 1 Trillion USD to all neighbor countries.

Worth to mention that the main reasons of epidemic of tuberculosis in Karakalpakstan mentioned in the speech of Musa Erniyazov are poverty generated by corrupted Government of Uzbekistan by supporting jobless and taking over all arable lands and leaving without any source of food and income population of Karakalpakstan. Also in the middle of chilling winter Government of Uzbekistan loves cutting off natural gas supply every year in Shomanay, Turtkul, Beruny, Amudarya, Tahtakupir, Karaozek, Chimbaj and Nukus regions of Karakalpakstan leaving without the only source of heat which sparking the epidemic of tuberculosis. Its 40 years since entire population switched to natural gas supply and now all households have to switch back to coal and woods and rebuild entire their houses. Also President of Uzbekistan funded and expedited construction of Rogun Hydro Power Plant in Tajikistan cutting off water supply to Karakalpakstan. We reported multiple times to Human Rights High Commissioner that population of Karakalpakstan without even drinking water after Government of Tajikistan blocked water in Amudarya on October 29, 2017. Government of Uzbekistan funded about 100 million USD to Tajikistan and don't want to spend 150 thousands USD to install RO water filters to supply clean drinkable water to whole population of Karakalpakstan. As the result we have highest infant and maternity mortality, spread of infectious diseases and tuberculosis.

Population of Natural Gas reach Karakalpakstan after 40 years switching back to wood and coal heating boosting CO2 emission and triggering world wide catastrophe because of reckless policy of Uzbek Government.

On the April and May 2018 locals from Hodjely, Karaozek and Muinak spotted military helicopters spreading white substances and after that we have had spread of infectious deceases among livestock. As the result of diseases, we had the highest mortality of livestock in the entire history. Estimated 40,000 cow and cattle died from infection during 4 month of 2018. Meat price tripled and wellbeing of people of Karakalpakstan crippled.

Government of Uzbekistan CAN NOT be trusted with Aral sea rescue funds in any circumstances. We would like to ask UN committee to initiate restoring Independence of Karakalpakstan as a State. We have different language, culture, traditions and we are totally different counties. Karakalpakstan has all attributes and all rights to be as an Independent country. We have had projects to handle Aral disaster and one of them is 275 kilometers canal to connect Caspian Sea with Aral see and pump about 10km3 water to Aral every year. Also Aral sea floor is good for building city on the beach effective form to prevent toxic salt storms. We have desert with 305 sunny days and high speed wind where we can build Solar and Wind renewables with 200GWh Power output and Power Storage to supply with Electric power whole Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan combined without Rogun Hydro Power which is literally killing our nation.

Other than all these discussed issues we welcome UN initiative to involve the Government of Karakalpakstan in UN committee meetings. This is the first time in history when a representative of the Government of the Sovereign Independent Republic of Karakalpakstan is invited to participate in a meeting of the UN Commission, even if it was with hidden agenda of Mr.Mirziyoyev the president of the Uzbekistan. The participation of Representatives of the Republic of Karakalpakstan in UN meetings is a good start and we hope that the Republic of Karakalpakstan will soon become a full member of the UN, despite the fact that the President of Karakalpakstan Musa Yerniyazov who made a speech at that meeting was not elected and is not a legitimate President of the Republic of Karakalpakstan and he was appointed to this position by President of the other country by President of Uzbekistan.

Leaders of Democratic Choice of Karakalpakstan always are ready to meet and discuss the future of Republic of Karakalpakstan, fate of Aral and bringing democracy to Central Asia where technology and Government have to serve humanity not dictators and not to kill people and nations like nations of Karakalpakstan.

Aman Sagidullaev

Leader of Democratic Party Alga Karakalpakstan