Agent of the State Security of Uzbekistan infiltrated a member of the party of Karakalpakstan and ma

PRESS RELEASE 2018/67 December 16, 2018

Shocking similarity of the events of 1990s and yesterday's arrests of members of the Democratic Party Alga Karakalpakstan in Karakalpakstan makes us remember again and again how dictator Karimov staged a coup. State Security Agent Allamuratov Ruslan (on picture) infiltrated member of the Democratic Party Alga Karakalpakstan party met them in Nukus city Karakalpakstan on Independence Day December 14 2018 and arrested Asan Jumabekov (1967), Saatdin Reimov (1967) Azat Nurlepesov (June 4, 1967) Berdimuratov Anvar (17 may 1972) and many others. SGB agents refused to provide lawyer and interrogate arrested members of Party during 10 hours without food and water and kept in condition compared to torture. During interrogation SGB agents admitted wrong doing and confessed that nothing that they can do because its straight order on President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev and they said two thing not allowed by his order its Celebration of Independent Day of Karakalpakstan and being a member of Democratic Party Alga Karakalpakstan. Аgents of the State Security Service of Uzbekistan put a condition on the arrested, ether they will be given a job and they will refuse membership in the Party or they will be sent to prison. During interrogation Saatdin Reimov passed out and transported to emergency room in hospital.

We all remember how dictator Karimov put a condition to the leader of Halyk Mapi Party of Karakalpakstan Marat Aralbaev in 1991 with 40,000 members at that time ether you will be boiled alive in Jaslyk prison or you give up your party. Marat Aralbayev, like other party leaders, did not live long and died suddenly under unknown circumstances. Mirziyoyev seems to be continuing dictator Karimov’s vile traditions.

SGB agent Allamuratov Ruslan infiltrated member of Party

Agents of SGB Uzbekistan offered a job to members of Party as a sugar pill and 50,000sum (6$) to jobless citizens of Karakalpakstan for information which leads to catching each member of Democratic Party. The dictator Karimov in 1990 offered cars, money, apartments for changing Article 1 of the Constitution of Karakalpakstan to the leaders and government officials of Karakalpakstan and later sent them to prison. Stubborn Government members of Karakalpakstan who didn't cooperate have sent to Jaslik, most of them fled to other countries. First President of Karakalpakstan Dauletbay Shamshetov lured to Tashkent and arrested in 1991. He was tortured and SNB agents broke him by telling him that they will bring his daughter and rape him in front of him. Whereupon he dismissed his post as President of Karakalpakstan and signed government documents.

Arrested members of Democratic Party Alga Karakalpakstan put on spot light horrendous policy and orders of President of Uzbekistan. SGB agents told that they follow straight to order of President of Uzbekistan in arrest and interrogation of members of the party Alga Karakalpakstan. They said that President personally banned Independence Day of Karakalpakstan and prohibit any contacts with leaders of the party and Aman Sagidullaev especially and President of Uzbekistan asking for jail term for anybody who disobey his orders.

Saatdin Reimov arrested member of Party Alga Karakalpakstan

Asan Jumabekov arrested member of Party Alga Karakalpakstan

Nurlepesov Azat Orazalievich arrested member of Party

Berdimuratov Anvar is handicap arrested member of Party

...and many more others were arrested. At least these arrested members of the Democratic Party Alga Karakalpakstan released today with warning not to talk to anybody especially with Party Members and with Aman Sagidullaev. All of them threatened by jail term.

We are asking all human rights defenders to help with arrested members of Party Alga Karakalpakstan and arrested civil activists and citizens of Karakalpakstan on Independence Day of Karakalpakstan December 14 by Security agents of SGB Uzbekistan. These arrests and interrogations are highly illegal and breaches Constitution of Karakalpakstan and Uzbekistan as well as norms and declarations of UN. We also asking International Investigation of coupe organized by dictator Karimov in Karakalpakstan and asking for help to restore Independence of Karakalpakstan as a State.

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