Uzbekistan funding Putin's regime with money from IMF, Aral rescue funds and International Banks

We received overwhelming response to our previous posts and some comments to our posts put on spot light funding scheme of Putin's regimes by Government of Uzbekistan and by President Mirziyoyev who is a pocket president of Putin. Just imagine that Minister of Finance of Uzbekistan Mr.Kuchkarov is like a furniture in his cabinet and doesn't make any strategic decision regarding budget or finance of Uzbekistan but all decision is made by Russian economist Sergey Shatalov well known person who pumped money to Putin's pocket to subsidize military aggression of Russia.

All theatrical start of building Nuclear Plant in Uzbekistan by President of Russia and by President of Uzbekistan nothing else but money pumping machine to transfer uncounted funds from Uzbekistan to Russia to support Russian military and Putin's regime justified with building Nuclear Plant of Uzbekistan. If you take into consideration the fact that at the same time Mr.Putin opened monument to dictator Kerimov in Moscow and remember about Karimov's family's frozen assets in Switzerland of about 1 billion USD then everything will be so obvious. There is no coincidence in politics. Putin granted protection to Karimov's family in exchange to those frozen funds and later on Gulnara Karimova signed Mirziyoyev and Government of Uzbekistan as a beneficiary of those frozen assets. As soon as those funds touches accounts in Uzbekistan Mr.Sergey Shatalov knows where to send them.

Another bizarre fate of money funded by IMF in the amount of 980million USD granted to the Government of Uzbekistan. Mr.Timmer shared concern regarding keeping up reforms and creating jobs in Uzbekistan. But as we all know unemployment skyrocketing in Karakalpakstan and people of Karakalpakstan hopeless and starving end up in trash dumpsters in Kazakhstan feeding themselves. We already posted videos about it. Instead of creating jobs Government of Uzbekistan invested more than 100 million USD in Tadjikistan to support Rogun Hydro Plant project which is blocking water flow of Amudarya for 4-5 years leaving without drinking water population of Karakalpakstan and crippling economy of Karakalpakstan. The main reason of these fundings of Tadjikistan is to support authoritarian regime of Tajikistan, funding Russian companies and Russian Government who is major contractor of hydro plant. Another 100 million USD Uzbekistan funded to Kyrgyzstan and some money we believe Uzbekistan spent to create "good" relationship with Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan. As we all realize these money spending policies of Uzbekistan nothing else but strengthening satellite authoritarian regimes around Russia in interests of Putins Government, which bolstering Putin's aggression and military spending of Russia and supports authoritarian regimes and killing development of democracy in Central Asia. Basically Putin funding his regime and authoritarian regimes of his satellite ally countries with the money loaned to Uzbekistan, money which Government of Uzbekistan supposed to spend to keep up reforms, create a jobs, improve democratic institution, fight poverty in Uzbekistan.

Even Aral rescue funds end up in Russia's hands. From the previous post you can see idiocy of Government of Uzbekistan who brought 40 tractors to Aral floor to plant in acidic salty toxic ground full of herbicides and pesticides where never going to grow planted haloxylon and hold toxic salt during storms. In contrary loosening soil trigger another toxic salt storms next spring and summer. Most shocking is that President of Uzbekistan made a statement that he resolved Aral disaster problems with this small and cheap moronic measure. From video news you can see that Russia is mastermind of this moronic Aral rescue plan as well as Russia is beneficiary of Aral rescue money funded by International donors with the help of UN.

Major problem of people of Karakalpakstan is that Russian and Uzbek companies pumping natural gas and oil on the territory of Karakalpakstan which main reason of extinction of population of Karakalpakstan in form of killing livestock of farmers in Karakalpakstan and only in Karakalpakstan and spreading infectious diseases in different form. Other parts of Uzbekistan doesn't have this problem. Estimated revenue from sales of natural resources of Karakalpakstan is over 10 billion USD a year and its in possession of Russia as well. As we see Soviet Union never dismissed and Russia still has a strong hand and holding all Central Asian countries by supporting authoritarian regimes. Only together Central Asian countries can break this vicious circle and start to develop democracy and reach prosperity for their people. PUTIN'S GOVERNMENT TODAY IS MAJOR OBSTACLE TO DEVELOPMENT AND TO DEVELOP HUMAN RIGHTS PROTECTION OF ALL COUNTRIES LIKE OURS, PUTIN'S REGIME TODAY CARRY OUT ONLY AGGRESSION, WAR AND HUMAN SUFFERING.

Only Independence of Karakalpakstan will STOP funding terrorism and aggression by Government of Uzbekistan.

Only Independence of Karakalpakstan breaks vicious circle of authoritarian regimes and brings Democracy and Development to Karakalpakstan

Only Independence of Karakalpakstan saves population of Karakalpakstan.

We are asking all nations and governments to support restoration of Independence of Karakalpakstan and help to build our democracy and we need help to stop occupation of Uzbekistan territory of Karakalpakstan by military, SGB and other military agencies of Uzbekistan .

Information Center Shirak