Daily State racketeering of Uzbekistan to forcibly collect money for Cotton Season in Karakalpakstan

PRESS RELEASE 2018/71 December 27, 2018

Government of Uzbekistan created army of collection agents in Sovereign Republic Karakalpaktstan to forcibly collect money from each and every sales person who is selling anything on the street, market, farm market or in front of his house. In this video two person authorized by Government of Uzbekistan to forcibly collect money from seller of the produce on the street and they are forcing citizen of Karakalpakstan to pay 10,000sum to support Cotton Collection Season even cotton collection is already over. Collecting agents telling to push cart seller that they collecting money from each and every person who is selling staff every day and threatening seller that he won't be able to sell anything if he don't pay. Seller is anxious and he is trying to explain that they are barely making money to pay every day that amount and seller also is outraged because they didn't pay that money last year. Collectors responding that its an order (from Tashkent Mr.Miziyoyev).

Government of Uzbekistan and his president Shavkat Mirziyoyev substitute forced labor, child labor with forced collection of money from all retailers. As we all can see no receipt and no documents for receiving money, only handshake. That is the way to cover up nationwide forced collection of money to support Cotton Collection Season. That is State racketeering of Uzbekistan. Mr.Mirziyoyev add another criminal action forced collection of money to support Cotton Collection Season without discontinuing forced labor, child labor completely. We multiple time reported use of students in cotton collection and forced labor of all workers of Government organization in Republic of Karakalpakstan. This is innovation of President of Uzbekistan where he is secretly collecting money from retailers to support cotton industry.

We are asking UN Committee to protect civilians and to prevent forced labor, forced child labor, forced collection of money and to prevent all kind of hidden form forced actions against civilians of Karakalpakstan and Uzbekistan to prosecute Government of Uzbekistan and President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev in International Criminal Court and establish rule of Law in Karakalpakstan.

Information Center Shirak