Uzbekistan is Russian Hotbed of Terrorism. Uzbek terrorist plot in Sweden - infinity war against civ

We wrote many times before about State sponsored terrorism of Uzbekistan. Here go again, it happened again and it keep going. Uzbek nationals David Idrisson, Atabek Abdullaev, Baxtier Umarov prepared a terrorist plot for years in Sweden, which bought and stores a huge amount of chemicals and prepared three passports to escape after terror attack, and three more Uzbek nationals from Sweden financed terrorism worldwide. Why is it that only Uzbek nationals are preparing terrorist acts all over the world and where does Uzbek terrorism come from? To find an answers we need to go to the beginning of modern history from the middle of 19 to beginning of 20 century. Splendid similarity of events shows how history repeats himself.

In Central Asia well established Governments with elements of pluralism, parliamentarism and democracy by the middle of 19 century. Russian imperial Government need vassal satellite rule in Central Asia to extend imperial power and funded Hudayar Hun (Hudiar king) and provided his army with artillery weapons and guns against stubborn Kipchaks. In Savitskiy museum in Nukus city Karakalpakstan you can see a little stand which demonstrates Golden Ring of Kipchak people ancestors of modern kazakh, kirgiz and Karakalpaks with the population of more than 10 million lived in the beginning of 19 century from Kungrad Karakalpakstan to Kyrgyzstan. Hudiyar hun build an army of Sarts (Сарт - Russian, mixed ethnicity of Tadjik, Iranian and Pakistanian) former Uzbeks by promising them the land, homes and other belongings of Kipchak people. In 1952-1954 Hudiyar Hun organized bloodiest massacre and Genocide in Kokand and Tashkent area and killed mercilessly more than millions of Kipchaks including kids, women, elderly even their cats and dogs. With the help of Russian agents captured and executed Kipchak leaders. After victory Hudiyar Hun granted Sarts lands and all properties of Kipchaks and keep executing Kipchaks all over Kokand Khanate for decades. To keep quite massacre Hudyar Hun ordered to bury killed and still alive Kipchaks before sunset, which later on become a tradition of Uzbeks. Today Uzbek burry deceased the same day before sunset. In his victory letter Hudiyar Hun wrote to Russian Tsar that all Kipchak lands now belongs to him and he is willing to build a strong ally with Russia and since then Uzbeks become Russian Vassal states and never gain freedom after that. And in the middle of Karakalpakstan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan with similar language and culture rose Uzbekistan with totally different language and culture by the help of Russia.

Genocide continue for decades and still continuing. With poisonous ideology of the destruction of the inhabitants of foreign countries and the desire to seize their wealth has grown several last generations of Uzbeks. In 1989 we saw it in form of massacre of Meskhetian Turks with more than 100,00 Meskhetian Turks forced to leave Uzbekistan, skirmishes between the Turkmen and Uzbeks in the wounded territories with Turkmenistan, expelling all Kazakh nationals from Karakalpakstan and Tashkent area, Osh riots in Kirgizstan, inter-ethnic clashes between Kirgizs and Uzbeks in 2010 and ethnic cleansing in Karakalpakstan today. Bloodthirsty Uzbek Government orchestrated by Russian special agents is sponsoring terrorism worldwide now. We saw terrorist attacks of Uzbek nationals in USA, France, Sweden, Turkey and other parts of Europe and we are going to see more in years to come.

Today Uzbek Government building up military forces around Karakalpakstan with the help of Russian Government again and preparing another massacre. Today massacre is different from older days. The hidden form of Genocide is hard to recognize like those messages of terrorists in Sweden where they asked for help with message "I need a car mechanic to design a car for wedding" which means "I need specialist to prepare a bomb from chemicals I have to make terrorist attack". Today Mr.Mirziyoyev president of Uzbekistan providing massacre with hidden forms of Genocide by providing poisonous untreated public water, by turning off natural gas supply in the middle of winter, by spreading infectious diseases and killing livestock of farmers, by triggering natural disaster toxic salt storm by drying out Aral sea floor, by prosecuting political and civil activists with fabricated criminal cases and torturing or keeping them in condition compared to torture, by generating extreme poverty, by preventing creation of jobs, by discrimination, by forced sterilization, by creating a society where denunciations of each other becomes a means of subsistence and earnings, by spreading infectious deadly deceases like tuberculosis etc, by unjustified high taxation, by crippling economy with blocking water flow of Amudarya in Tadjikistan, by executing political and civil activists with poison, car accident or drowning them, by turning off electricity even in hospitals every other days, by not providing emergency ambulance service, by forced child labor, by forcing to work in inhuman condition like above 45C degree at summer or chilling cold in winter, by not providing heat at schools, by crippling healthcare and so on and so force.

Last year in 2018 Uzbek Government expelled about 40 thousand people of Karakalpakstan from Karakalpakstan and migrate 50 thousand Uzbek nationals from Uzbekistan to Karakalpakstan against Constitution. We have today the Real Humanitarian Crisis of people of Karakalpakstan. Thousands and thousands people of Karakalpakstan are living around garbage dump area in Kazakhstan and Russia without any hope for the future expelled by Uzbek Government from their lands. Here is the documentary of Human Rights Activist of Karakalpakstan Sarbinaz Utepbergenova where she showed the life of people from Karakalpakstan in just one Garbage Dump area near Alma Ata city of Kazakhstan.

People of Karakalpakstan facing brutality of Uzbek military every day. Soulless special forces and well trained Government Security agents of Uzbekistan are capturing civil and political activists of Karakalpakstan every day, beating them up, torturing, putting them head down in toilet, prosecuting and executing. Notoriuose Jail Jaslik prison in Karakalpakstan specially build in Karakalpakstan for political activists of Karakalpakstan where Government of Uzbekistan preplanned to boil alive political prisoners of Karakalpakstan. Karakalpakstan is no go zone for international journalists or international human rights organizations. If any international organization decided to go there, they were gifted and generously bribed by the Uzbek authorities to participate in the trip prepared by the Government Security Agency (SGB) of Uzbekistan. Government of Uzbekistan funded by Japan installed digital switch NEC communication stations all over Karakalpakstan with optical fiber not to improve the lives of civilians but for taping their telephone conversation to prosecute them, which we are witnessing everyday in Karakalpakstan. When Uzbek Government finished massacre of people of Karakalpakstan it will go somewhere else like in Turkmenistan, in Kyrgyzstan, in Kazakhstan or even further in Europe or USA as you can see how it happened in Sweden these days.

Russia created Uzbek Government to create the world of terrorists by ruining their people so they can't see the right from the wrong, they can’t even see the sanctity of human life anymore. I’m sorry for Russia and for Uzbekistan, for what Russia and Uzbekistan have become because there’s no way back for either of them. Russia and Uzbekistan become an evil countries and all worldwide terrorist attacks of Uzbek nationals is infinity war of Russia and of Uzbekistan against humanity and civilization. Whole world have to stand up against them to protect civilians of Karakalpakstan. Save Karakalpakstan and you save humanity, civilization and human race.

Information Center "Shirak"