Uzbekistan Racketeering young men of Karakalpakstan to pay $500 US dollars to support the Army of Uz

Uzbekistan is not only the State sponsored terrorist Country but also RICO State which stands for State Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations. We just reported State Racketeering of retailers of Karakalpakstan by Government of Uzbekistan, when backed by Government of Uzbekistan collectors provide and still providing daily forced collection of money from all retailers in Karakalpakstan and justified it by "help" to Cotton Collection Season. Today we would like to show bizarre mass scale case of another RICO practice of Government of Uzbekistan - forced collection of money from young men of Karakalpakstan to "support" military of Uzbekistan, military who occupied Sovereign Republic of Karakalpakstan. Government of Uzbekistan banned all young men of Karakalpakstan from Military Service in Army in fear that young men can use his military skills against Government of Uzbekistan to support Constitution and Independence of Karakalpakstan, but President of Uzbekistan come up with brilliant idea to collect money for not serving in Army from young men of Karakalpakstan and he wants them to pay about 500$ for not serving in military to support military of Uzbekistan, even if young men wants to serve in Army. Another reason of this practice of Mr.Mirziyoyev that he not allowed to hire in police forces, justice system, national guard and in many other jobs citizens of Karakalpakstan without Serving in Army banned from that service. That is the way to discriminate people of Karakalpakstan.

President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev now practicing another RICO crime to forcibly collect $500USD from each young men. For that reason young men invited to recruiting center where he locked for whole day to sign contracts and pay that money. We have overwhelming complains about this unlawful practice of President of Uzbekistan. Family of 3-5 forced to pay that money, the family without jobs, pensions, unemployment benefits and child support with kids just graduated from college and paid sky high tuition. Well aware of this unconstitutional and highly illegal forced collection of money some young men refused to sign contracts and pay. Military Officers of Uzbekistan beating up those young men of Karakalpakstan, against them military officers are using force and keeping them in recruiting center in condition compared to torture without food, water and under harsh whether condition. In this video Military Officer of Uzbekistan beating up young men to sign contracts and pay 500$USD TO SUPPORT MILITARY OF UZBEKISTAN.

Highly illegal and State Racketeering Practice of Uzbekistan

If consider that every year about 20 thousands young men forced to pay 500$USD that amounts about 10 million USD. Black market of foreign currency exchange coming back after failed monetary policy of Government of Uzbekistan and people of Uzbekistan experiencing huge foreign currency shortage in Central Bank of Uzbekistan these days. Corruption, Mirziyoyev's policy of ruin and impoverishment of the country supports State Racketeering in Army recruit in Karakalpakstan. Banks of Uzbekistan selling currency US dollars for 8350 and banks doesn't have it, on black market you sell for 8360 sum and buy for 8650sum. Government of Uzbekistan prosecute everybody who is trying to sell or buy foreign currency on black market making everybody vulnerable and forcing everybody "to commit a crime". Maybe that is the reason RICO or State Racketeering is blooming in Uzbekistan because President Mirziyoyev failed to deliver LOUDLY PROMISSED MONETARY REFORM.

Highly illegal and State Racketeering Practice of Uzbekistan against people of Karakalpakstan must be condemned and Democratic Choice of Karakalpakstan asking human rights organizations, UN, OSCE, Governments of Democratic countries support Sovereign Republic of Karakalpakstan and protect young men of Karakalpakstan from brutal regimes of Government of Uzbekistan and his President Mirziyoyev.

Information Center Shirak