Mirziyoyev is organizing mass Saturday work in Karakalpakstan "to rescue Aral Sea" - slave

Angela Merkel and Government of Germany requested from Shavkat Mirziyoyev to protect Human Rights in Uzbekistan and emphasized that environmental protection as a part of human right protection is also very important issues of Uzbekistan which Mr.Mirziyoyev have to work with in order to consider to create open Country Uzbekistan for foreign Investment and foreign technology. But on the brief conference in front of journalist President of Uzbekistan Mr.Mirziyoyev in Germany answered " ...we will fight corruption.." instead of protecting human rights. Short after that meeting with Angela Merkel Shavkat Mirziyoyev is organizing mass Saturday work in Karakalpakstan to "rescue Aral Sea", which is considered clearly as a slavery by definition of 1930 World Labour Convention and also it is prohibited by 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Government of Uzbekistan ordered to all Government Organization of Karakalpakstan, to all workers of private company of Karakalpakstan, school students, medical workers mandatory have to Saturday work and also all retailers in Karakalpakstan forced to pay extra 10-100 thousands sum for daily occupancy of retail places in all local market to support Aral rescue mission tomorrow on January 26. Bizarre Government decree states that Saturday forced labor take place all over Uzbekistan to make more money for Government on illegal forced labor. That decree issued by Justice Ministry of Uzbekistan which is supposed to watch over Human Rights Protection in Uzbekistan.

Mr.Mirziyoyev with his brother-in-law Bakirov are forcing all employee of Government Organization of Karakalpakstan to Saturday work for free "to rescue Aral Sea". Doctors, teachers, Government employee, workers of Electric and Gas organizations forced to collect seeds of haloxylon and plant those seeds on the floor of Aral See in hursh whether condition without any protection, shelters and special closes. All city workers in Nukus, Chimpaby, Hojely, Beruny, Bostan, Turtkul, Taxiatash, Qongirad, Shomanay, Xalkabad, Karaozek, Taxtakupir, Muynak, Mangit, Kanlikul forced to sacrifice Saturday Paycheck for Aral Sea Rescue. Its widely used practice of Government of Uzbekistan to forcibly collect each year payday check from all employee in Karakalpakstan. This whole mass scale forced labor is rising many questions. First - where is 15 billion US dollars fund provided by International donors to Aral rescue mission in these 25 years? The idea of planting on salty and toxic floor of Aral Sea didn't work before, why Mirziyoyev is thinking that it is going to work now? Because he just received another funding from International donors with the help of UN?

Did Angela Merkel ask wrong guy to protect human rights in Uzbekistan, who is basically putting another large sum of Aral rescue funds money to his pocket and forcing to slave people of Karakalpakstan against Universal Declaration of Human Rights?

We would like to ask Human Rights Organizations to take a close look to Human Rights abuses in Karakalpakstan by President of Uzbekistan and his brother-in-law Bakirov. We would like to ask UN to investigate what President of Uzbekistan did with Aral Rescue Funds if he is forcing people of Karakalpakstan to Saturday slavery. We would like to ask International Organizations to Investigate what Government of Uzbekistan did with all 15 billion USD money funded to rescue Aral Sea by International donors? We would like to ask World Criminal Court to take President of Uzbekistan Mr.Mirziyoyev to Criminal Court for crimes against humanity he committed in Karakalpakstan, for deception, for plundering Aral Rescue Funds and abusing human rights in Karakalpakstan.

Information Center Shirak - 2014