Mirziyoyev bolstering military presence in Karakalpakstan, flexing muscles. Also he is plundering Ar

Government of Uzbekistan scared to death after nationwide flash mob. Mirziyoyev started strengthening military presence in Independent Republic of Karakalpakstan. People of Karakalpakstan were puzzled with unusual activity of military hardware of Uzbekistan with busses full of soldiers crossing the streets of capital Nukus and other cities of Karakalpakstan. The flash mob showed a nationwide desire for independence of Каракалпакстан and its scope was shocked by the helpless military power and National Security of Uzbekistan occupied Republic of Karakalpakstan.

Citizens of the Republic of Karakalpakstan organazied online video flash mob demanding their constitutional rights - Independence of Karakalpakstan, despite the fact that agents and security officers of Uzbekistan on every street in the Republic of Karakalpakstan, in every school, college and higher educational institutions, state security officers of Uzbekistan sit at a regular salary watching over political activity in Karakalpakstan, despite the fact that the Commandant’s hour is set and the National Guard of Uzbekistan patrols the streets of Karakalpakstan. President of Uzbekistan panicked and bolstered military presence in Karakalpakstan, ordered military freak show in cities of Karakalpakstan to frighten locals who joined to flash mob.

Uzbek military freak show in Karaozek city Karakalpakstan

No reason for military mascaraed, no holiday or anything to provide this freak show. The only reason the scope of flash mob for independence could flame the protest like in Venezuela where another moronic dictator Maduro brought his own people to starvation and Humanitarian Catastrophe. ITS OBVIOUS TODAY THAT PEOPLE OF KARAKALPAKSTAN UNSTOPPABLE AND WILL GAIN INDEPENDENCE ONE WAY OR ANOTHER. THE ONLY QUESTION IS HOW PRESIDENT OF UZBEKISTAN GOING TO HANDLE IT? IS THE PRESIDENT OF UZBEKISTAN BOLSTERING MILITARY IN KARAKALPAKSTAN TO SHOOT AND KILL PEOPLE OF FOREIGN COUNTRY KARAKALPAKSTAN TO STOP THEM? Depending how President of Uzbekistan will act in case of coming Nationwide protest for Independence of Karakalpakstan he will end up in International Criminal for Murder of civilians of Karakalpakstan or could end up like a National Hero for Granting Independence of Karakalpakstan and bringing peace to Central Asia.

At the same time President of Uzbekistan Mirziyoyev plundering Aral rescue funds with his brother-in-law Bakirov. The workers from Muynak city Karakalpakstan who work in planting Aral sea in harsh winter chilling whether were requested to say that they get paid on time 1.2million sum(115$) a month during Prime Minister of Uzbekistan Aripov's visit who came with unexpected check up to Muynak city. But nothing changed after his visit and worker received 400,000sum 45$ instead of 115$ after two months delay. No special protective clothes, no shelter, no food or meals, because Prime Minister can't say anything to brother-in-law of President of Uzbekistan. Bakirov continue plundering Aral rescue funds with underpayment of local workers and water drilling money laundering scheme. Geographically Karakalpakstan is in the middle of desert. We have had thousands water wells all over Karakalpakstan and Government organization who drilled artisan water wells and provided their service support of wells. Karimov ordered to close all wells in Karakalpalpakstan and shut down well drilling organization. Each street had wells before 1990 and Karakalpakstan had excellent developed artesian water well sources with more than thousands water wells. Many of them had a names. But Dictator Karimov closed them all.

Mirziyoyev and Bakirov are reopening closed water wells and in videos you can even see rusted old well pipes with water coming out. With lucrative water drilling companies Mirziyoyev laundering money from Aral rescue funds and reporting drilling of hundreds of water well we already have had before. Former artesian well water drilling specialist told us about six hundreds well closed by dictator Karimov only around Aral see floor. He still has a map of them as well as Mirziyoyev, who is putting money in his pocket and reporting drilling well to International donors of Aral rescue funds.

Uzbekistan is reopening closed by Karimov artesian water wells

Aral catastrophe was organized by Government of Uzbekistan

We are Democratic Choice of Karakalpakstan want to bring attention of world leaders, human rights defenders and organizations to political actions of President of Uzbekistan who is using his military to kill civil society of Karakalpakstan by showing off his military mights to frighten people of Karakalpakstan and prosecuting political activists who come forward and requesting his Constitutional Rights and Independence of Karakalpakstan.

We would like to ask International organizations and UN Committee to take a look at money laundering scheme of Mirziyoyev and his brother-in-law where they are reporting drilling artesian water wells in Aral sea, most of them already established and already drilled many years before, but closed by Dictator Karimov.

Information Center Shirak - 2014