Mirziyoyev ripping off small businesses in Karakalpakstan forcing them to pay permit EVERY MONTH!!!

Shocking news came from Karakalpakstan. Single mom Ayparsha with two kids whose husband died was left without Government child support, without job, without unemployment benefits. She struggle and could not feed her kids. She went to local flea market to sell her belongings where she was asked for permit (Патент-monthly permit for businesses and entrepreneurs), which cost 750,000sum a month (about 100$) and IRS officers of Uzbekistan fined her for 10million sum its about 1250$. She was so desperate that she decided to commit suicide when her neighbor supported her and advised to fight back corrupt Government of Uzbekistan which turned into gangs of ruthless thugs robbing people of Karakalpakstan day and night. We spoke to her and her neighbor and what they told as horrifying. There is so many similar cases where victims already committed suicide after organized attack by officers of IRS, city administration, Court, Prosecutor's office and police of Uzbekistan.

In Ayparsha's case IRS handed in paper work to local Court of Uzbekistan, Court sent Court order right away to collection department of Prosecutor's office of Uzbekistan and collection's Swat Team came to Gulnara's home and confiscated her belongings, pampers, baby milk, tv, games and kitchen appliances. It took less than two weeks for Government agencies of Uzbekistan to bring devastation to family of single mom with two kids. In contrast to register entrepreneurship takes couple month in city hall of Nukus. Also beside registration fees entrepreneurs have to pay for the permit or for business license each month. This is the practice of impoverishing people of Karakalpakstan Mr. Mirziyoyev come up with. Even bloody dictator Karimov couldn't dare to do it. Also all wholesale companies in Karakalpakstan obligated to pay 5% taxes from each transaction. Banks of Uzbekistan withholding 5% from bank account of wholesale companies from each deposit, from each sales. These moronic ruling of Uzbek government are the main reason why the prices in Uzbekistan skyrocketing for everything. We compare cost to start small business in Uzbekistan with other countries and the result is shocking:

Government officials of Karakalpakstan can't explain or comment the facts of double taxation, collecting taxes beforehand, unjustified high cost of registration of wholesale companies (30,000$USD) and monthly collection for license or permit is nothing else but Government racketeering of Uzbek Government in Karakalpakstan. In all developed countries you don't need to pay any fees or permits to sell your belongings in yard sales or flea market since its considered double taxation.

Local retailer, bus drivers, hotel businesses and farmers telling that small business in Karakalpakstan getting worth day by day and it is like slavery especially after Mirziyoyev came to power. During dictator Karimov's regime all businesses of Karakalpakstan paid bribes to SNB (National Security), Prosecutor's Office, IRS and Government officials of Uzbekistan. Today Mr.Mirziyoyev substituted that bribing practice with the rules and regulations and NOW small businesses OFFICIALLY IS GETTING RIPPED OFF by Mr.President. Small businesses can't complain nowhere now, because organized mafia ruling Uzbekistan.

Another example of small business killing bizarre case is forced payday loan of President of Uzbekistan. Mr.Mirziyoyev promised to provide citizens of Karakalpakstan with comfortable bus transportation and promised literally 100 buses, but he didn't mentioned the cost of it. 50 buses came and handed in to bus drivers - entrepreneurs. They have to pay 500,000sum a day for gas, 500,000 sum a day for loan, they have to pay for insurance and for service maintenance without any choice of cutting expenses. Many bus drivers didn't see the payday loan catch of this "Generous" gift of Mr.Mirziyoyev. Nukus city and other cities of Karakalpakstan left totally without public transportation in many route in these chilling winter wether after bus drivers realized payday loan terms and dropped off busses in Mirziyoyev's garage. Fully functional public transportations business stalled, with new busses in garage because of the way how Mr.Mirziyoyev killing business in Karakalpakstan.

We would like to turn to International Community and western countries, to UN, to OSCE , since there is nobody left in Uzbekistan to appeal to in these cases of "Soft" Genocide policy of Mr.Mirziyoyev in Karakalpakstan. These all inhuman rules, legislations and regulation of small businesses in Karakalpakstan forcing people of Sovereign Independent Karakalpakstan to commit suicide and can be considered as a policy of Soft Genocide by Government of Uzbekistan in Karakalpakstan. These rules not only killing businesses but killing people of Karakalpakstan. Please help!!!

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