Mirziyoyev "cutting off balls" of men of Karakalpakstan, support Russian aggression agains

We uncovered unprecedented facts of sterilization of men of Karakalpakstan by military doctors of Uzbekistan by deception. Young men during recruiting process to military army of Uzbekistan have to pass medical examination. During that medical examination doctors appointed by President of Uzbekistan Mr.Mirziyoyev diagnosing Varicose Veins and forcing young men to do immediate surgical operation, otherwise young men has the risk to become barren or infertile. With this misleading diagnosis Uzbek Army Doctors sterilize healthy young men by cutting off the male vas deferens to prevent sperm from entering into the urethra and thereby prevent fertilization of a female. Other words doctors of Uzbek Army provide vasectomy of men of Karakalpakstan by deception. Thousands and thousands lives of citizens of Karakalpakstan ruined, families destroyed by President of Uzbekistan. Doctors of Uzbekistan without ethic are providing sterilization of more than ten thousand young men per year with this intentional misleading diagnosis.

We are still trying to comprehend the atrocities of this Mirziyoyev's policy and we realize that this President of Uzbekistan dehumanizing people of Karakalpakstan inhumanly, mercilessly in cold blood. Dictator Shavkat Mirziyoyev personally coming after "balls' of men of Karakalpakstan. We know how dictators and their kids end up these days. Dictator Karimov is a good example whose former almighty daughter Gulnara Karimova is in far pleasant place than Miami these days. When you cutting off balls of hundred thousands men some of them whose life you ruined might decide to come after yours or your kids or your grand kids because it is too personal.

Meanwhile Mirziyoyev bolstering military presence in Karakalpakstan, actively support Russian aggression against Ukraine, banned sugar import from Ukraine and cutting off economical ties with Ukraine in Russia's favor, increased the arrests of the opposition in Uzbekistan and resumed torture with great tightening, banned national flag of Karakalpakstan during National Holiday Navruz in Karakalpakstan.

Leader Party "Azatlik" Jangeldi Jaksimbetov participated in worldwide protest against Russian aggression and against imprisonment of Ukrainian Oleg Sencov and others in Russian prisons with the demand to release them.

Information Center "Shirak"