Urgent!!! Human Rights Activist Omirbek Kurbanov arrested and without access of lawyers.

Human Rights Activists and civil activists came to Ministry of Internal Affair of Uzbekistan in Nukus city Karakalpakstan and requested access to arrested human rights activists Omirbek Kurbanov. They were refused to see him and from source in MVD Omirbek Kurbanov has been tortured and beaten up by SGB agents of Uzbekistan. Family members also not allowed to see him because he has bruises from beating by SGB agents of Uzbekistan.

Human Rights Activists Asan Jumabekov +998913006757,

human rights defender Koniratbay Redjepov +9988905769455

Orinbasar Kurbanov +998906516343 brother

civil activists and relatives in front of MVD Nukus city where Omirbek Kurbanov locked up

Human Rights activists Omirbek Kurbanov didn't commit any crime and locked up with fabricated case. He saw its coming, because he was threatened by SGB agents before. Omirbek Kurbanov recorded video statements and sent SMS message right before he was arrested. SGB agents fabricated case against him for his human rights protection activity in Karakalpakstan, for recording forced money collection for cotton season and hundreds other human rights abuse facts in Karakalpakstan by Government officials, SGB agents, Procuracy and MVD Uzbekistan in Karakalpakstan.

We are asking all human rights organizations for help to release human rights activists Omirbek Kurbanov from Uzbek prison. His life hanging in balance and from your actions depends if he will be tortured and hurt or if he will be released and live. Please call President of Uzbekistan, Justice Department, MVD and SGB Uzbekistan with the request to release Omirbek Kurbanov human rights activists of Human Rights Alliance of Karakalpakstan.

Human Rights Alliance of Karakalpakstan

Information Center Shirak