Arrests of citizens of Karakalpakstan for no REASON on Constitution day of Karakalpakstan. That is o

Government of Uzbekistan arrested citizens, human rights and civil activists on Constitution Day of Karakalpakstan on April 9. Bizarre situation with whole Constitution Day of Karakalpakstan with the announcement of Celebration of that day on local TV News and when finally people of Karakalpakstan came out to celebrate that Holiday they all get busted. That is how occupation of Uzbek Government works in Karakalpakstan. No freedom no liberty at all and human rights abuse by Uzbek Government left and right.

When Uzbek Government Law enforcement finished arrests, locking up and beating up civilians of Karakalpakstan on day time Government controlled TV started entertaining TV programs and night shows dedicated to Constitution Day of Karakalpakstan on evening time. How moronic it is. On Constitution Day Government of Uzbekistan tarnished civil rights in Independent Karakalpakstan. Almighty President of Uzbekistan have shown that he can do everything even if its prohibited by Constitution: Here what he is doing in Karakalpakstan even if he cannot do it and even if its against Constitution:

1. The government cannot make you believe in a religion. - Mirziyoyev can you are muslim or deported, that is it!

2. The government cannot keep you from practicing any religion you choose.- Mirziyoyev certainly can force you. Did you see home invasion of human rights activists Omirbek Kurbanov. Your home will get invaded and you will be publicly humiliated and discraced

3. The government cannot keep you from saying what you wish. - Those guys locked up and beaten up who tried to say something on Constitution Day of Karakalpakstan

4. The government cannot keep you from writing what you want. - Your home will be on 24 hours surveillance, your phones, cars and home will be taped and if you are too stubborn and if you don't stop writing you will be locked up and raped by scumbags in jail.

5. The government cannot stop you from publishing what you want. - Honestly you will die in car accident if you do that

6. The government cannot keep you from joining together peacefully with others to express your views - If you want to see how Mr.Mirziyoyev doing it, look how he banned registration of Democratic parties of Karakalpakstan and how he banned registration of any civil organization. YouTube and other social media flooded by appeal to register public organizations but President of Uzbekistan adamant and keep his way and show others highway. Announced public organizations as a terrorist and extremist groups and fabricating cases against their civil activists. How about it?

7. The government cannot prevent you from complaining about what the government or others are doing to you. That is old trick on the book. President of Uzbekistan will send your complaint to you and do whatever you can. He even don't need complaint shredding machine. Just take a look how many complaints on social media. We count thousands a day coming out.

8. The government cannot take away your right to own and keep guns. Government of Uzbekistan already took away all guns so nobody can shot corrupted and cracked Government officials

9. The government cannot make you let soldiers live in your house unless the country comes under attack and Congress specifically authorizes it. We have video proof that President of Uzbekistan can do it since he authorized to invad home of Human Rights activists Omirbek Kurbanov by 25 Government officials.

10. The government cannot come into your home unless it has legal permission from a judge. - Really?! But Mirziyoyev can do it with no concequesnes at all. Look at the video below.

11. The government cannot hold you in jail for a major crime without the knowledge and approval of your fellow citizens. - Mirziyoyev keep political prisoners and civil activists in prison. His Procuracy like General Hakimbay Halimov fabricate any case they want and you will be torcheres endlessly to sign and commit crime. That how it is in Uzbekistan

12. The government cannot try a person twice for the same crime. Oh yeah, Mirziyoyev can and he is doing again and again all political prisoners.

13. The government cannot make you incriminate yourself. Mirziyoyev can do it and torture is handy and very helpful when he wants to get rid off unwanted political opposition.

14. The government cannot take away your life, liberty, or property without following the law. People of Karakalpakstan doesn't have non of it. Thousands and thousands become homeless because Uzbek government expelled people of Karakalpakstan from their homes. Mr.Mirziyoyev is taking life of tens of thousands by selling radioactive coal in winter time, by providing poisonous untreated public water, by spreading infectious diseases. He sterilize forcibly and by deception mens and women of karakalpakstan.

15. The government cannot take your private property from you for public use unless it pays to you what your property is worth. Take it or leave with nothing that is major rule when Mirziyoyev is taking over your property. Your house cost 200million and land even more somewhere in downtown and Mirziyoyev will give you only 50million sum (less than 10 thousands USD). Take it or leave it. Year later he is selling apartments raised on that place and selling one apartment for 200million sum with 20%interests. Money goes straight to Mirziyoyev's pocket.

16. The government cannot hold you in jail for a long time without a trial if you are accused of having broken the law. Omirbek Kurbanov already 7 days in jail without any court orders. All justice system in Mirziyoyev's pocket and he rule Karakalpakstan like a rock star.

17. The government cannot deny to you a speedy trial with a jury of your fellow citizens. President of Uzbekistan can deny everything for the same reason as in 16.

18. The government cannot keep secret from you those who will speak against you. This is beloved methods of prosecutors of Uzbekistan to send you in prison by "somebody's testimony" and you are never going to find out who.

19. The government cannot prevent you from having your personal attorney. All our human rights activists, civil activists and political prisoners kept without access of family members, attorney and even we have wide spread of practice for political prisoners to go in closed trial without attorneys with already preset guilty plea after political activists tortured and forced to testify against themselves.

20. The government cannot keep you from having other people help you defend yourself in a courtroom. There is no way to help to defend somebody If corrupt Justice system of Uzbekistan can send you in prison without trial.

21. The government cannot keep you from having a trial decided by your fellow citizens in civil disputes and the fact-finding by the jury in those trials cannot be overturned by other courts. Justice system totally fail in Uzbekistan and there is no trials at all and if they have formally then its politically motivated.

22. The government cannot make people pay an unfairly high amount of money for bail while they wait for a judge or jury to hear their case. Some political motivated prisoners forced to pay outrages amount of money to escape prison term and leave the country. That way run away most members of Halik May in 1990th from dictator Karimov and these days from dictator Mirziyoyev.

23. The government cannot punish you for a crime in a cruel and unusual way. Case against protester in Chimbay oil factory good example when protesters received prison term up to 27 years which don't exist in Criminal code. That usual way to ruin civil society of Karakalpakstan.

24. The government cannot limit your rights to just those listed in the Bill of Rights. Citizens of occupied Republic of Karakalpakstan have no rights at all.

25. The government cannot claim to possess more power and authority than what the Constitution permits, and all other powers not listed in the Constitution belong to the states or individuals. As you can see President of Uzbekistan Mr.Mirziyoyev undermine Constitution of Karakalpakstan and Uzbekistan and has delivered himself exclusive and absolute power as a Dictator of Uzbekistan.

Meanwhile hope of people of Karakalpakstan are fading and numbers of political prisoners are growing:

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