Political hunger strike in support of the prisoners of Ukraine and Karakalpakstan

Political Activists, human rights activists of Karakalpakstan participated in International Political Hunger Strike Race to support political prisoners of Ukraine and Karakalpakstan, Oleg Sentsov who is in Russian prison, Omirbek Kurbanov who is in jail of Uzbekistan and all other political prisoners. On this one day hunger strike protest participated Aman Sagidullaev leader of Democratic Party "Alga Karakalpakstan" from Norway, Bagdatbay Ismailov - leader of Democratic Party "Alpamis" from Kyrgyzstan, Salauat Allaniyazov - leader of Democratic group "Aral Talkini" from Karakalpakstan, civil activists Rahat Ilyasov, Erejepbay Shorabaev, Ajiniyaz Berdaxov on April 9 Constitution Day of Independent Republic of Karakalpakstan. Sovereign Independent Republic of Karakalpakstan is under occupation of Government of Uzbekistan!

Chronicle of the International, Handover, Political Hunger strike for the release of Oleg Sentsov and Ukrainian citizens: Today is the 147th day of the Political Hunger Strike initiated on November 15, 2018 (total Hunger Strike, for the release of Ukrainian citizens, 193 days, including: Victoria Smigielski- 9 days, 21 days by Akhiad Idigov, 48 days by Ramazan Yesergepov, including 8 days in a tent.

People of Karakalpakstan have the first hand experience what is occupation means for people of Ukraine and how political prisoners treated by aggressor. Thousands and thousands people of Karakalpakstan experienced brutal regime of Uzbekistan and their merciless presidents Dictator Karimov and Mirziyoyev now. All leaders of Democratic parties, groups, movements and civil activists support political prisoners and Freedom of Ukraine. Our countryman Omirbek Kurbanov and other civil activist jailed by President of Uzbekistan Mr.Mirziyoyev who actively support Russian against against Ukraine. We condemn Russian and Uzbek aggression. We demand freedom to Oleg Sentsov, Omirbek Kurbanov and all political prisoners of Ukraine and Karakalpakstan.

Information Center Shirak