Human Rights activist Koniratbay Redjepov speaks out about their arrest by Uzbek SGB

Human Rights Activist Koniratbay Redjepov and his wife Huseinova

Gulnara were arrested on Constitution Day of Karakalpakstan on April 9, 2019. That day announced as a National holiday on National TV of Uzbekistan and officially allowed to celebrate for citizens of Karakalpakstan. However Koniratbay Redjepov and his wife were arrested, brutally treated and kept in condition compared to torture by National Security of Uzbekistan. Gulnara Husainova passed out, her blood pressure spike and she was provided medical attention because of these inhuman condition. Koniratbay Redjepov had awful headache and lighthead because of dehumanizing actions by National Security agents of Uzbekistan against him and he was forced in that condition to sign statement which incriminate himself. He refused to sign it and his wife also forced to incriminate herself and she also refused to do so. Their cellphones confiscated by National Security agents of Uzbekistan and they were forced to provide passcode to open it which they refused to do and also their National flags of Karakalpakstan were stolen by agents of National Security of Uzbekistan.

In this video statement Koniratbay Redjepov described step by step what happened on that day on April 9, 2019 beginning 11AM when they came out from their house with flowers to celebrate Constitution Day of Karakalpakstan and came back home around 8PM after arrest, dehumanized, disgraced, interrogated with irreparable damage to their health and wellbeing.

Koniratbay Redjepov emphasize that Government of Uzbekistan totally abuse their human rights and there is no access to lawyer or any legal protection of civil rights in Sovereign Independent Republic of Karakalpakstan occupied by Government of Uzbekistan. They need further medical attention and their life in danger, they are under surveillance. Cars with national security and unidentified agents around their house. We are asking High Commissioner of UN to take an action to protect human rights of civilians in Republic of Karakalpakstan.

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