Uzbekistan banned demonstration on May 1st, jobless and discrimination all time high in Karakalpakst

Civil activists and human rights defenders of Karakalpakstan wrote appeal Mayor of Nukus city (Xakim) to get the permit for demonstration on May 1st Labor Day. And as a prof of occupation Republic of Karakalpakstan our appeal for permit denied by Government of Uzbekistan. Many countries doesn't require any permit on that day especially when jobless rate in Karakalpakstan is about 90% in Urban area, discrimination left and right imposed by Government of Uzbekistan, pension payment drastically cut off by Mirziyoyev's administration and 50% of people of Karakalpakstan receive about 300,000sum (less than 50$) and its 5 times less than it was before during bloody dictator Karimov's presidency.

Arrests and protests after April 9 on Constitution Day brought to light the fact that Government of Uzbekistan doesn't have legitimate Agreement with Government of Karakalpakstan to be in Independent Government of Karakalpakstan because such agreement have to be legislated by referendum and votes of people of Karakalpakstan. We never have had a referendum with such agenda. Also to carry referendum in Republic of Karakalpakstan Government of Uzbekistan have to withdraw occupation military and Notorious government security agents (SGB) from Karakalpakstan. These International requirements of referendum. However as we all know with our Declaration of Independence, our Constitution and all attributes of Government we are under repressive regimes and we have had State Coupe organized by dictator Karimov and forging Government Documents and forced changes in our Constitution 5 times. Original Constitution and Declaration of Independence destroyed by Government of Uzbekistan, which clearly stated that Republic of Karakalpakstan is Independent Sovereign Country. Karakalpakstan is NOT part of Uzbekistan and NOT Governed by Uzbekistan either !!!

We want to bring to attention of all members of UN, OSCE, EU, human rights organizations, World Bank, Governments of all countries THAT:

1.Government of Uzbekistan has NO LEGAL RIGHTS to be in Karakalpakstan, there is no legal Agreement bonding our two Countries. Which means:

2. Sovereign Independent Republic of Karakalpakstan under OCCUPATION of an AGGRESSOR Government of Uzbekistan and his president Shavkat Mirziyoyev

3. Government of Uzbekistan and his SGB agents killing civil society of Karakalpakstan by arresting civil activists, human rights activists, by arresting members of democratic parties of Karakalpakstan, by persecuting civil society, by publicly humiliating members of civil society, by banning public gatherings and demonstration on International Labor Day May 1st, by banning registration of public organizations and parties of Karakalpakstan.

4, Government of Uzbekistan and his president doesn't take any actions regarding complaints and appeals. They just ignore them

5. Government of Uzbekistan appoint without elections all deputy of Parliament, administration and government (Jokargi Kenes) of Karakalpakstan against Constitution

The lists of Violation of Constitution by Government of Uzbekistan is one mile long and we report every day in Social Media, facebook, website, YouTube, Instagram, tweeter, VK and etc... .

We asking UN High Commissioner, Government of USA, EU, UK France, China, Russia and Governments of all Democratic Countries to take an action against AGGRESSION of Government of Uzbekistan and his president Shavkat Mirziyoyev, take action against State Sponsored Terrorist Country Uzbekistan and STOP OCCUPATION of Uzbekistan, restore Independence of Karakalpakstan and PROTECT civilians of Karakalpakstan who suffer and face humanitarian Catastrophe, jobless, persecution and Genocide because of Mirziyoyev's policy. All leaders and members of Democratic Parties of Karakalpakstan are ready to meet and share atrocities of Mirziyoyev's administration in that meeting in OSCE or UN.

People of Karakalpakstan desperate and devastated by Government of Uzbekistan and in NEED to be protected by NATO and WE WANT to become a member of NATO to protect ourself.

Aman Sagidullaev,

Bağdat Ismailov,

Jangeldi Jaksimbetov,

Salauatdin Allaniyazov,

Nauriz Menglibaev,

Human Rights Alliance of Karakalpakstan,

members of Democratic Party Alga Karakalpakstan

members of Democratic Party Aral Tolkini

members of Democratic Party Alpamis

members of Democratic Party Azatlik

members of Democratic Party Oyan Karakalpakstan

members of Democratic Party Halik Mapi

members of Democratic Party Erkin Karakalpakstan

members of movement Patriots of Karakalpakstan

members of all civil organizations of Karakalpakstan

Application for permit to hold Demonstration on May 1st


To: Mayor of Nukus city Karakalpakstan

Toreshov Parahat

From: Nietulaev Baxtiyar


I am Niyetullaev Baxtiyar and I would like to ask your permission to hold demonstration in Nukus city to celebrate International Labor Day on May 1st.

singed on April 23, 2019

accepted by Jeripbekova on April 23, 2019 registration number

Response to this application received Baxtiyar Nietullaev by phone call and Mayor's representative said that its not allowed to hold any demonstration and/or celebration in Uzbekistan.

This is VIOLATION of civil rights especially when millions of citizens of Karakalpakstan jobless and all natural resources of Karakalpakstan plundered by Mirziyoyev's administration.

Information Center Shirak