State Funded Terrorism of Uzbekistan. Implementation. Civil Society of Karakalpakstan is a Victim of

URGENT!!! PRESS RELEASE 119 / 2019 May 7, 2017

Shuhrat Musaev Government Supported blogger of Uzbekistan discussed and supported conversation of an act of Genocide, slaughter of civilians of Karakalpakstan. It happened today on May 5, 2019 on life broadcasting on his youtube channel. After furious response of people of Karakalpakstan Shuhrat Musaev took down that video. However videos posted with his life threatening warnings to kill leaders of Democratic Parties of Karakalpakstan are still in his YouTube Channels. This is pure State Funded Terrorism of Uzbekistan with intention to kill civilians.

Shuhrat Musaev made a clear statement how he is going to implement his terror actions and assassination of civil activists of Karakalpakstan in his youtube channel "Шухрат Мусаев" and "Kecha va Bugun". He said his loyal youtube followers among 110 thousands youtube subscribers in other countries will come to take out civil activists of Karakalpakstan if he will ask them and if he post provoking video on his YouTube channels (see on the link youtube video).

Blogger In his channel is openly discussing about his authority and ability to arrest and pardon political activists who were repressed by Government of UZBEKISTAN. Shuhrat Musaev is bragging about his loyal Uzbek countryman in Mosque of other countries who will stand for him and follow his requests to take down any foreign citizen. When we called to Shuhrat Musaev today to ask "why he wants to slaughter people of Karakalpakstan, he replied "Are scared now?". Sadly his sick criminal intention supports President of Uzbekistan and law enforcement of Uzbekistan doesn't take any action even after we called and posted multiple appeals on social media to President of Uzbekistan and Karakalpakstan.

We want to make it clear that President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev is responsible for spreading by bloggers of Uzbekistan, Uzbek citizens by social media hate speeches, nationalism, fascist ideology and call to slaughter civilians and citizens of Karakalpakstan. Shavkat Mirziyoyev and Government of Uzbekistan is organizing mass murder, action of Genocide, organizing ethnical war between Karakalpak and Uzbek nationals prohibited by UN Convention on 21 December 1965 ratified by Government of Uzbekistan on August 31, 1995 #129-1. The goal of this organized mass murder-slaughter is to vacate the territory of Karakalpakstan and to take over the Natural resources of Karakalpakstan. Mr.Mirziyoyev wants to keep hands clean and write off crimes, ethnic cleansing and killing people of Karakalpakstan for unorganized interethnic skirmishes. We asked Uzbek authorities to Stop bloggers and bring them to justice.

We would like to report about crime committed by Shuhrat Musaev to Interpol and ask Interpol to issue arrest warrant for organizing and attempt of man slaughter and killing civilians of Karakalpakstan by using social media YouTube.

We would like to ask UN Security Council to take an action against Government of Uzbekistan for supporting blogger Shuhrat Musaev, his hate speeches in social media, his intention to organize killing spree of civilians of Karakalpakstan worldwide, for undermining authority of International Justice System, UN and OSCE, for propagating nationalism, fascist ideology and slaughter of civilians of Karakalpakstan.

Information Center Shirak

Aman Sagidullaev

Jangeldi Jaksimbetov,

Bagdatbay Ismailov,