National Security Agents of Uzbekistan threaten the parents of civil activist Fatima Tajenova

PREASS RELEASE 123/2019 May 30, 2019

Civil activist of Karakalpakstan Fatima Tajenova, date birth May 12, 1999, reported that after her video posts on social media, her parents house in Republic of Karakalpakstan invaded by Security Agents of Uzbekistan. This is unconstitutional and invasion of privacy and human rights abuse of civil activists of Karakalpakstan by Government of Uzbekistan. Moreover parents of Fatima Tajenova questioned and threatened by SGB agents. They said to parents if she (Fatima Tajenova) didn't stop her video posts something or accident might happens to her. Devastated parents horrified and humiliated by SGB agents who brought thugs of township administration, police, prosecutor and couple guys from local community. Frightened parents called to Fatima and begged her to drop her civil rights protection activity and stop posting videos.

Government agents of Uzbekistan "paralyzed" Fatima's parents by telling them that she joined to terrorist group Alga Karakalpakstan. Fatima Tajenova shocked by this false accusation and by twisting the contents of her video posts by SGB agents. She made a video statement, where she questioned viewers of her video by asking which parts of her innocent video post against the law. If she tells the truth about the situation in Uzbekistan, about jobless, about millions and millions citizens wander abroad in search of jobs why its considered as a crime? You can watch her statement here with English transcript:

We would like to bring to attention of International Civil Society, UN high Commissioner, UN Security Council, EU, UK France and all democratic Governments Parliaments that President of Uzbekistan bolstering occupational military presence in Karakalpakstan and Security Agents of Uzbekistan are killing civil society of Sovereign Independent Republic of Karakalpakstan. We need your actions to protect civilians of Karakalpakstan from all forms of human rights abuse, discrimination, arrests, torture and persecutions.

Government of Uzbekistan has no legal rights to be in Karakalpakstan, no legal rights to operates or Govern people of Karakalpakstan. There is no Legal Agreement between Government of Uzbekistan and Legitimate Elected Government of Karakalpakstan ratified by Referendum of the people of Karakalpakstan. That is why presence of Uzbek Government in Karakalpakstan have to be qualified as an occupation and invasion by international Law and Order.

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