Government of Uzbekistan Recruited, Trained and Sent to Syria and Other Countries ISIS Terrorists an

We reported before that Government of Uzbekistan is running State funded terrorism. Government of Uzbekistan just brought back 156 ISIS family members - kids, wives and relatives of ISIS terrorists. President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev sent to Syria special airplane with doctors to bring those ISIS terrorists' family members back to Uzbekistan and provided to them lavish accommodation. The response of people of Uzbekistan to that news was furious, even if we all do understand that kids and women are victims of extremism and war. But we reported before that Government of Uzbekistan, National Security agents recruiting, training and sending terrorists to Syria, Afghanistan and other countries and fueling the civil wars and creating unrest and chaos over there. We all watched on youtube video posts of Uzbek national ISIS terrorists and ISIS suicide bombers. No wander why Shavkat Mirziyoyev the President of Uzbekistan organized such a pompous meeting of the ISIS family, because to cover up the traces of their atrocities organized in foreign countries.

Jumasapar Dadebaev share his horrifying experience when he was arrested by National Security agents of Uzbekistan and forced to join ISIS terrorists. He was taken to training facilities of Uzbekistan where Government agents trained Uzbek citizens to become as an ISIS terrorists and sent them to Syria.

We still have a lot of ISIS fighters from Uzbekistan in Syria and other countries trained and sent by Uzbek Government to kill innocents. As a prof we present the statement of Jumasapar Dadebaev, he is from Hodjeily region of Republic of Karakalpakstan. As a true believer he studied Arabic and Koran in Moscow, Russia. When he came back to Karakalpakstan he was arrested and he was taken by National Security agents of Uzbekistan to the facilities where he saw training of recruited civilians of Uzbekistan. Those recruited Uzbek citizens were sent to Syria to join ISIS terrorists groups. National Security agents of Uzbekistan started to recruit him as well and asked him to join ISIS terrorists since he knew Arabic and Koran and also they offered him money. Government of Uzbekistan basically asked him to kill people of other countries for money and join terrorist organization ISIS. Jumasapar said that tens and tens of thousands citizens of Uzbekistan were trained and sent to Syria and Afghanistan to kill civilians over there for money. He refused and he was tortured and beaten up by SNB agents of Uzbekistan. Since he didn't commit any crime he was released and after he run away abroad and took asylum. National Security agents promised to kill his whole family if he disclose any information.

Watching fearless fighting of his countryman against monstrous Dictator Mirziyoyev and Uzbek Government's aggression in Karakalpakstan Jumasapar started posting videos on youtube warning people of Kаракалпакстан not to be fooled by agents of Uzbekistan and join to their worldwide criminal terrorist activity. In his video statements and posts Jumasapar made its clear that Government of Uzbekistan spending millions and millions of dollars training and sending an army of ISIS terrorists to undermine and invade foreign countries like Syria. Why Government of Uzbekistan is doing it? To gain support of superpower countries, so they can run authoritarian regime in Uzbekistan. In this case Uzbekistan collaborated with Russia to blow out Arab countries in middle East. During shell oil revolution in USA all Arab countries started to experience huge cut in oil demand and major player in oil industry started to cut oil price in the market. When oil price went down to 20$ per barrel, Russian ruble plummeted from 25 ruble per dollar to 70 ruble per dollar. All currencies in Central Asia also crushed especially Uzbek sum. We all remember how people from Government, bank workers and people on the street in Uzbekistan discussed only crash of Uzbek currencies. And here we go again Government of Uzbekistan made a meeting with Russian President Putin and they started to form ISIS terrorist groups all over post soviet countries. Well known ISIS groups of Chechen, Dagestan, Uzbekistan was spotted by World News agencies.

If somebody closely watched return of families of ISIS terrorists to Russia and Uzbekistan then you might noticed something in common. They are normal families sent to kill innocent people of other countries by brain twisted Governments of Uzbekistan and Russia. There is a woman talking on National Television of Uzbekistan who is telling how she got married and went to Russia, started to study Koran, Islam and one day she was asked to wear hijab. From Russia her recruited husband took them to Syria where they joined to ISIS. To make it clear it was not intelligence agents they were terrorists who participated in mass murder. That way Government of Russia and Government of Uzbekistan pressured Arab nation to cut production and rise oil price. Millions refugees from war zone flood to Western Countries. It was another Russian leverage on negotiation table.

Government of Uzbekistan also gained Russian bloody support of authoritarian regime of Mr.Mirziyoyev for this kind of loyalty. And Mr. Mirziyoyev need it because multinational culture of population is threatening to blow out authoritarian regime of Uzbekistan. Shavkat Mirziyoyev need it to contain unrest of 15 million tajiks, 2 million Karakalpaks, 5 million kazakhs, 2 million, kirgizs, 2 million horezmian and other nationals in Uzbekistan by using power. Now we see human rights abuse and repressions every day as a consequence and closed eyes and blind support of Uzbek terror against their own people by Russian politicians and Russian President Vladimir Putin. You scratch my back Iam scratching yours, isn't it?

Meanwhile Shavkat Mirziyoyev bolstering his power and plundering everything in Uzbekistan and monetizing his power to his own benefit. His estimated net worth today is more than 20 billion US dollars and exceeded net worth of Karimov's family former Dictator. As an ironic it can be new Dictator is keeping kids of old Dictator in captive in prison. We can only expect that some day kids of Dictator Mirziyoyev will be sent to the place far pleasant than Gulnara Karimova's current prison cell.

Occupation and repression of Sovereign Republic of Karakalpakstan is as an another benefit from Dictotors' of Uzbekistan Karimov's and Mirziyoyev's loyalty to Russia. They destroy Sovereignty of Karakalpakstan with bloody Russian support. Karimov changed Constitution of Karakalpakstan 5 times by help with his appointed puppy parliament of Karakalpakstan. Now declaration and whole structure of Constitution doesn't match and Karimov changed two key position in Constitution of Karakalpakstan. Now Independent Souvereign Republic of Karakalpakstan need a referendum to become an Independent Country which doesn't make a sense at all. The second moment in Constitution is that Independent Country of Karakalpakstan declared in Declaration of Independence from December 14, 1990 under rules and regulation of the another country - Uzbekistan, which basically means that Independent country Karakalpakstan is not Independent at all. Which is totally absurd and shows forging of State Documents of Karakalpakstan by twisted mind Karimov who couldn't come up with better way of Invasion of Country which is already has Declaration of Independence and own Constitution. In all original version of Constitution and Declaration of Independence of Karakalpakstan nothing written regarding Referendum and or delivering full control and sovereignty to another country.

To restore the true face of ISIS which brought devastation and ruin many nations around the world all supporters and sponsors of ISIS terrorists like Government of Uzbekistan have to be brought to Justice! Mr. Shavkat Mirziyoyev and all Government officials of Uzbekistan who knowingly participated in these bloody fueling wars in the Middle East have to be in International Criminal Court. We have to restore Independence of Karakalpakstan and restore the rights of millions and millions of people whose lives destroyed by Shavkat Mirziyoyev and his Government because of reckless sponsoring ISIS terrorism and killing innocent people.

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